The owner-built home

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I am reminded of the many agricultural Titans who have devoted major segments of their lives to the furtherance of tree crops Organic-Gardening/ 1972-11-01/ The-Owner-Built-Home-and-Homestead.aspx

The owner built home revisited : & excerpts from A house of clay ...
Subject: House construction, Amateurs' manuals. Contents: Cover title., The owner built home revisited -- A house of clay. Other Titles: House of clay. oclc/ 43078350& referer=brief_results

Ferrocement Historical Archives 1999-2005
01593, 2000-01-06, Richard Austin <>, [Ferro Cement] Re: Re: Re: Re: The Owner Built Home by Ken Kern ... index.php?inc=6& offset=1575

The Owner-Built Home This now somewhat rare 1972 book by grandfather of the sustainable building movement Ken Kern offers an incredible wealth of practical ... 0119080/ 2007/ 05/ 29.html

Peace Corps Online | March 18, 2003 - Personal Web Page: Iran RPCV ...
I went down to see him after I was inspired by his first self-published book, "The Owner Built Home". I stayed on and ended up working with him for almost ... messages/ messages/ 467/ 2012584.html

Taylor Publishing Ken Kern Owner Builder Books
In The Owner Built Home he covers many building methods from stone and wood to slipform rammed earth and ferrocement /concrete. He introduces new concepts, ... ~tms/ kern.html

Lloyds Blog: The Barefoot Architect: A Handbook on Greeen Building
In those days I had a bunch of books on carpentry and building, but my favorite was Ken Kern's The Owner-Built Home, which became the underground building ... 2007/ 11/ barefoot-architect-handbook-on-greeen.html

Troubled Times: Coating Burlap
I came across an obscure book, The Owner Built Home, By Ken Kern, published by Charles Scribmer's Sons, New York in 1975. Cheap housing was built in India ... shelter/ tshlt04g.htm

The Owner Builder Experience - Owner Builder Books Index
The Owner-Built Home. A classic by author Ken Kern. We only used this book a little, since we built a conventional framed home, but it was a good read and ... Owner_Builder_Books_Index.html

Ken Kern Owner Built Books
pad, DVD-Building with Papercrete & Paper Adobe-$35. pad. pad. pad. The Owner Built HOME- Ken Kern. pad, The Owner Built HOME- Ken Kern pad $30.00. pad. kenkerowbuil.html