Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates

Random House Publishing Group, 2000 - 464 ˹
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Switters is a contradiction for all seasons: an anarchist who works for the government; a pacifist who carries a gun; a vegetarian who sops up ham gravy; a cyberwhiz who hates computers; a man who, though obsessed with the preservation of innocence, is aching to deflower his high-school-age stepsister (only to become equally enamored of a nun ten years his senior). Yet there is nothing remotely wishy-washy about Switters. He doesnt merely pack a pistol. He is a pistol. And as we dog Switterss strangely elevated heels across four continents, in and out of love and danger, discovering in the process the true Third Secret of Fatima, we experience Tom Robbinsthat fearless storyteller, spiritual renegade, and verbal break dancerat the top of his game. On one level this is a fast-paced CIA adventure story with comic overtones; on another its a serious novel of ideas that brings the Big Picture into unexpected focus; but perhaps more than anything else, Fierce Invalids is a sexy celebration of language and life.


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I love every one of Robbins' books - each for its own unique humor and zany take on reality. Though fantastic and improbable, his stories always ring true on a certain level - mostly because they are so wonderfully charming. He makes us want to meet his goofy characters and get drunk with them. ҹԴ繩Ѻ

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This book was listed recently in EW as one of Johnny Dep's favorite. Dep seems the kind of fella that's off the deep end in taste so I thought I would read it and see why he liked it so much. It is ... ҹԴ繩Ѻ

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Tom Robbins has been called a vital natural resource by The Oregonian, one of the wildest and most entertaining novelists in the world by the Financial Times of London, and the most dangerous writer in the world today by Fernanda Pivano of Italys Corriere della Sera. A Southerner by birth, Robbins has lived in and around Seattle since 1962.