Ho Chi Minh: A Biography

Cambridge University Press, 12 .. 2007 - 265 ˹
Ho Chi Minh is one of the towering figures of the twentieth century, considered an icon and father of the nation by many Vietnamese. Pierre Brocheux's biography of Ho Chi Minh is a brilliant feat of historical engineering. In a concise and highly readable account, he negotiates the many twists and turns of Ho Chi Minh's life and his multiple identities, from impoverished beginnings as a communist revolutionary to his founding of the Indochina Communist Party and the League for the Independence of Vietnam, and ultimately to his leadership of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and his death in 1969. Biographical events are adroitly placed within the broader historical canvas of colonization, decolonization, communism, war, and nation building. Brocheux's vivid and convincing portrait of Ho Chi Minh goes further than any previous biography in explaining both the myth and the man, as well as the times in which he was situated.

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A biography of Ho Chi Minh, regarded by many as the father of his country and a figure who also became an icon for elements of the American left during the Vietnam War poses a problem, Pierre ... ҹԴ繩Ѻ

Ho Chi Minh: a biography

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A noted French scholar of colonial and contemporary Vietnam, Brocheux (The Mekong Delta ) has written a fascinating account of Ho Chi Minh the man (born Nguyen Sinh Cung in 1890) and "Uncle Ho" the ... ҹԴ繩Ѻ

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Pierre Brocheux is retired Professor of History at Université de Paris VII - Denis Diderot. His many publications include Une Histoire économique du Viet Nam, 1850-2007 (2009) and, with Daniel Hemery, Indochina: An Ambiguous Colonization, 1858-1954 (2010).

Claire Duiker is a translator in French and Italian, mainly in the field of Indochinese history.