Southeast Asian Ecocriticism: Theories, Practices, Prospects

John Charles Ryan
Lexington Books, 8 .. 2017 - 324 ˹
Southeast Asian Ecocriticism presents a timely exploration of the rapidly expanding field of ecocriticism through its devotion to the writers, creators, theorists, traditions, concerns, and landscapes of Southeast Asian countries. While ecocritics have begun to turn their attention to East and South Asian contexts and, particularly, to Chinese and Indian cultural productions, less emphasis has been placed on the diverse environmental traditions of Southeast Asia. Building on recent scholarship in Asian ecocriticism, the book gives prominence to the range of theoretical models and practical approaches employed by scholars based within, and located outside of, the Southeast region.

Consisting of twelve chapters, Southeast Asian Ecocriticism includes contributions on the ecological prose, poetry, cinema, and music of Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. The authors emphasize the transnational exchanges of materials, technologies, texts, motifs, and ideas between Southeast Asian countries and Australia, England, Taiwan (Formosa), and the United States. From environmental hermeneutics, postcolonial studies, indigenous studies, and ecofeminism to critical plant studies, ecopoetics, and ecopedagogy, the edited collection embodies the dynamic breadth of interdisciplinary environmental scholarship today.

Southeast Asian Ecocriticism foregrounds the theories, practices, and prospects of ecocriticism in the region. The volume opens up new directions and reveals fresh possibilities not only for ecocritical scholarship in Southeast Asia but for a comparative environmental criticism that transcends political boundaries and national canons. The volume highlights the important role of literature in heightening awareness of ecological issues at local, regional, and global scales.

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Chapter One An Introduction to Southeast Asian Ecocriticism
Chapter Two Ecocriticism Hermeneutics and the Vanishing Elephants of Thailand
Typhoon Yolanda Climate Change and Imperialism in Philippine Poetry and Prose
The Case of Igorot Music Videos
Novel FishHair Woman
A Reading of Sieng Sontana Jaak Panang Tham from Hua Jai Hong Tee Ha The Fifth Chamber of the Heart
Chapter Seven Sense of Place and Nostalgia for Homeland in Rewat Phanphiphats Poetry
Literary Botany the Agency of Plants and the Contemporary Poetry of Myanmar
A Reading of the Representationsof Forests and Rivers in Postwar Vietnamese Narratives
Phytocriticism and the Botanical Dimensions of Indonesian Literature for Children and Young Adults
Teaching Leslie Marmon Silkos Ceremony in Thailand
Delineations of Formosa and Neighboring Southeast Asian Countries in Three NineteenthCentury Travelers Natural Histories
Prospects for a Transboundary Ecocriticism in Southeast Asia
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John Charles Ryan is postdoctoral research fellow in the School of Arts at the University of New England in Australia and honorary research fellow in the Department of English and Cultural Studies at the University of Western Australia.