The Sage in Israel and the Ancient Near East

John G. Gammie, Leo G. Perdue
Eisenbrauns, 1990 - 545 ˹
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Ancient Iranian literature / James R. Russell -- The functions of the sage in the Egyptian royal court / Ronald J. Williams -- The sage in Mesopotamian palaces and royal courts / Roanld F.G. Sweet -- The scribe (and sage) in the royal court at Ugarit / Loren R. Mack-Fisher. - The social significance of Solomon as a patron of wisdom / Walter A. Brueggemann -- The sage in the Israelite royal court / R.N. Whybray -- Sages and scribes at the courts of ancient Iran / James R. Russell -- The sage in Hellenistic royal courts / John G. Gammie -- The sage in family and tribe / Carole R. Fontaine -- The sage in school and temple / André Lemaire -- The female sage in ancient Israel and in the biblical wisdom literature / Claudia V. Camp -- The sage in Proverbs / James L. Crenshaw -- The sage in the Psalms /.

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