The Secret Language of Symbols: A Visual Key to Symbols Their Meanings

Chronicle Books, 1 .. 1994 - 192 ˹
This credible, highly readable, and vividly illustrated encyclopedic volume traces the origins and evolution of hundreds of symbols and symbol systems that have impacted human culture, history, art, and psychology since the dawn of time. From the I Ching and the Chakras to the Tarot and the Zodiac; from mythical beasts and magical numbers to heraldic shields and geometric shapes, author and psychologist David Fontana identifies symbols from around the world and draws upon his experience with dream workshops and meditation to help readers deepen their understanding and appreciation of these intriguing icons. Relevant, compelling, and visually appealing, The Secret Language of Symbols is a unique and practical reference tool, as well as an inspiring guide to the images that give meaning to our everyday lives.



68 ʴ

Ѻ - ٷ


ǡѺ (1994)

David Fontana David Fontana holds a psychology and is a fellow of the British Psychological Society. The author of The Secret Language of Symbols (Chronicle Books, Spring 1994) and many successful books on educational psychology, psychotherapy, and meditation, he lives in Cardiff, Wales.