Yamamoto: The Man who Planned the Attack on Pearl Harbor

Lyons Press, 2001 - 271 ˹
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Yamamoto is an exhaustively researched and compelling biography of the Japanese Naval genius and war hero Isoroku Yamamoto, the Architect of the Pacific War. Drawing on a wealth of untapped Japanese sources, historian Edwin P. Hoyt demonstrates both his flair for dramatic battle accounts and his penetrating eye for personal and political motivation. He offers a thorough and engaging portrait of Admiral Yamamoto and, from that vantage point, provides a revealing new view of the events of World War II. Yamamoto details his life from his youth in Nagaoka and his early military successes, to the dynamic leader's orchestration of the infamous sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, his subsequent naval victories, and his eventual assassination by American fighter planes in the Solomon Islands at the order of President Roosevelt himself.


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Yamamoto: the man who planned Pearl Harbor

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Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was not the highest ranking Japanese naval officer in the Pacific War era but he was a radical advocate of naval air power and the mastermind of the attack on Pearl Harbor ... ҹԴ繩Ѻ

The Boy from Nagaoka
Eta Jima

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