Complete Works of Oscar Wilde: The picture of Dorian Gray. A house of pomegranates

Wyman-Fogg Company, 1908

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˹ 251 - THE YOUNG SYRIAN How beautiful is the Princess Salome to-night ! THE PAGE OF HERODIAS Look at the moon. How strange the moon seems ! She is like a woman rising from a tomb. She is like a dead woman. One might fancy she was looking for dead things.
˹ 46 - Well! I will kiss it now. I will bite it with my teeth as one bites a ripe fruit.
˹ 3 - Ah, but he is terrible, he is terrible. The Young Syrian. Do not stay here, Princess, I beseech you. Salome. It is his eyes above all that are terrible. They are like black holes burned by torches in a tapestry of Tyre.
˹ 50 - I am athirst for thy beauty; I am hungry for thy body; and neither wine nor apples can appease my desire. What shall I do now, Jokanaan? Neither the floods nor the great waters can quench my passion.
˹ 49 - Well, I still live, but thou art dead, and thy head belongs to me. I can do with it what I will. I can throw it to the dogs and to the birds of the air.
˹ 259 - I will not stay. I cannot stay. Why does the Tetrarch look at me all the while with his mole's eyes under his shaking eyelids? It is strange that the husband of my mother looks at me like that. I know not what it means. In truth, yes I know it.
˹ 13 - Where is Salome? Where is the Princess? Why did she not return to the banquet as I commanded her? Ah! There she is! HERODIAS. You must not look at her! You are always looking at her!
˹ 50 - Neither the floods nor the great waters can quench my passion. I was a princess, and thou didst scorn me. I was a virgin, and thou didst take my virginity from me. I was chaste, and thou didst fill my veins with fire.
˹ 253 - I cannot telL THE YOUNG SYRIAN How pale the Princess is ! Never have I seen her so pale. She is like the shadow of a white rose in a mirror of silver.
˹ 13 - The moon has a strange look to-night. Has she not a strange look? She is like a mad woman,* a mad woman who is seeking everywhere for lovers. She is naked, too. She is quite naked. The clouds are seeking to clothe her nakedness, but she will not let them.