Allgemeine Missions-Zeitschrift: Monatshefte für geschichtliche und theoretische Missionskunde, 24

C. Bertelsmann, 1897

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˹ 173 - La liberté religieuse à Madagascar. Rapport de la Société des missions évangéliques de Paris sur la mission accomplie à Madagascar en 1896, par MM.
˹ 307 - We understand it to mean that the Gospel should be preached intelligibly and intelligently to every soul in such a manner that the responsibility for its acceptance shall no longer rest upon the Christian Church, but upon each man for himself. Hence the Watchword is perfectly in harmony with the leavening influences, educational, medical and pastoral, now in operation in the mission-field.
˹ 310 - ¿Шшоп. of diffusion, and we have yet to recognise that fact, not concentration, but diffusion ; not the selection of fields because they seem to be promising, or are attractive because permeated with modern occidental civilisation. We are to go to every field and every class of people; and if we make any discrimination it is to be in favour of the worst and lowest, for that is the spirit of the love of God. I want to say again that in my judgment our Lord gives us a second great principle...