Postcards from Mars: The First Photographer on the Red Planet

Penguin Publishing Group, 2010 - 196 ˹
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The most fantastic of all journeysthe Spirit and Opportunity mobile robot missions to the surface of Marsproduced over 150,000 astonishing photographs. While the images were made available on low-resolution computer screens as they were sent back across millions of space miles, no one until now has done the painstaking work of editing, cropping, and processing these massive (often larger than 100 megabytes) images.

The person to do it is Jim Bell, the scientist and photographer who led the photography team on this historic expedition. With his unique perspective, these photographs take us from the brave launches of these robots, to the alien landscape they discovered and the mysteries of the planet that they have helped to solve.

Over 150 lavish full-color-process prints bring the colors and textures of Mars to vivid life on the page. Four of the most impressive pictures are presented in their entirety as gatefold imageswhich extend over three feet in widthproviding a view of the surface of another planet unprecedented in its detail and clarity. Postcards from Mars is the perfect gift to give readers who have their feet on the ground and their eyes on the heavens.

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ǡѺ (2010)

Professor of astronomy at Cornell, Jim Bell was in charge of the photography on the Spirit and Opportunity rover missions to Mars that touched down in 2004.