The Sanitarian, 38

A. S. Barnes and Company, 1897

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˹ 524 - If it consists wholly, or in part, of a diseased, decomposed, putrid, infected, tainted, or rotten animal or vegetable substance or article, whether manufactured or not ; or in the case of milk, if it is the produce of a diseased animal.
˹ 524 - food," as used herein, shall include all articles used for food or drink by man, whether simple, mixed, or compound. SEC. 3. Any article shall be deemed to be adulterated within the meaning of this Act...
˹ 562 - The Ear and Its Diseases"; honorary president of the faculty and professor of diseases of the nose, throat and ear in the Illinois Medical College; professor in the Chicago Post-graduate Medical School and Hospital ; surgeon to the Post-graduate Hospital and to the Illinois Hospital ; consulting surgeon to the Mary Thompson Hospital, to the Illinois Masonic Orphans' Home, and to the Silver Cross Hospital of Joliet, etc.
˹ 1 - An Act to provide for the better protection of life and health by diminishing the danger from infectious and contagious diseases through the creation of a State Board of Underwriters in the cities of the first, second and third classes, with systematic examinations, registration and licenses for all entering the business of burying the dead, and penalties for violation of the provisions thereof...
˹ 61 - I took it in eight to ten grain doses at intervals of two hours. The effect was magical, the first dose relieved the severity of the pain, while the second quieted it entirely, and I went to bed, sleeping all night with one awakening of a few moments only, a thing I had not done in four weeks. This experience on my own person has thoroughly convinced me of the superiority of the genuine antikamnia.
˹ 423 - Each bath shall be kept open not less than fourteen hours for each day, and both hot and cold water shall be provided. The erection and maintenance of river or ocean baths shall not be deemed a compliance with the requirements of this section. Any city, village or town having less than...
˹ 262 - ... who is In their care or who has come under their observation, within one week of such time. It shall be the duty of every person sick with this disease and of every person in attendance upon any one sick with this disease, and of the authorities of public and private .institutions or dispensaries, to observe and enforce all the sanitary rules and regulations of the Board of Health for preventing the spread of pulmonary tuberculosis.
˹ 261 - Health, in writing, or to cause such report to be made by some proper and competent person...
˹ 524 - food,' as used herein, shall include all articles used for food, drink, confectionery, or condiment by man or other animals, whether simple, mixed, or compound.
˹ 525 - ... if it is colored, coated, polished, or powdered, whereby damage or inferiority is concealed, or if by any means it is made to appear better or of greater value than it really is...