Deutsche mythologie, 2

Dieterich, 1844 - 2 ˹

Դ繨ҡ - ¹Ԩó

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˹ 1117 - In a farm-yard near the middle of this village stands, at this day, a row of pollardashes, which, by the seams and long cicatrices down their sides, manifestly show that, in former times, they have been cleft asunder. These trees, when young and flexible, were severed and held open by wedges, while ruptured children, stripped naked, were pushed through the apertures, under a persuasion that, by such a process, the poor babes would be cured of their infirmity.
˹ 1118 - ... ineffectual. Having occasion to enlarge my garden not long since, I cut down two or three such trees, one of which did not grow together. We have several persons now living in the village, who, in their childhood, were supposed to be healed by this superstitious ceremony, derived down perhaps from our Saxon ancestors, who practised it before their conversion to Christianity.
˹ 1118 - ... it is supposed that a shrew-mouse is of so baneful and deleterious a nature, that wherever it creeps over a beast, be it horse, cow, or sheep, the suffering animal is afflicted with cruel anguish, and threatened with the loss of the use of the limb.
˹ 906 - Friedrich hängt dann seinen schild an den bäum, alles wird hinzulaufen und ein solches blutbad sein, dafs den kriegern das blut in die schuhe rinnt , da werden die bösen von den guten menschen erschlagen werden (das.
˹ 1118 - ... it creeps over a beast, be it horse, cow, or sheep, the suffering animal is afflicted with cruel anguish, and threatened with the loss of the use of the limb. Against this accident, to which they were continually liable, our provident forefathers always kept a shrew-ash at hand, which, when once medicated, would maintain its virtue for ever. A...
˹ 1118 - Plestor, or area, near the church, there stood, about twenty years ago, a very old grotesque hollow pollard-ash, which for ages had been looked on with no small veneration as a shrew-ash. Now a shrew-ash is an ash whose twigs or branches, when gently applied to the limbs of cattle, will immediately relieve the pains which a beast suffers from the running of a shrew-mouse over the part affected...
˹ 1118 - Into the body of the tree a deep hole was bored with an auger, and a poor devoted shrew-mouse was thrust in alive, and plugged in, no doubt, with several quaint incantations long since forgotten. As the ceremonies necessary for such a consecration are no longer understood, all succession is at an end, and no such tree is known to subsist in the manor, or hundred. As to that on the Plestor "The late Vicar stubb'd and burnt it...
˹ 1160 - In a vein of renovating sweetness, the good mermaid sung to him : " Wad ye let the bonnie May die i' your hand, And the mugwort flowering i' the land ?" He cropped and pressed the flower-tops, and administered the juice to his fair mistress, who arose and blessed the bestower for the return of health.
˹ 1205 - Oermaniae gentibus ut deus adoratur, qui non circa haec tempora, sed longe anterius, nee in Germania, sed in Graecia fuisse perhibetur.
˹ 889 - Waffen durch die Lüfte rasseln, Pferdegewieher und Hufschlag, der Zug geht an den Glisborn, wo die Rosse getränkt werden, und verfolgt dann seinen Lauf, bis er nach vollbrachter Runde endlich wieder in den Berg zurückkehrt. Einmal gingen Leute am Odenberg und vernahmen Trommelschlag, ohne etwas zu sehen.