Printed and published for the Executive Council of the International Health Exhibition and for the Council of the Society of Arts by William Clowes, 1884

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˹ 54 - FELKIN, HM Technical Education in a Saxon Town. Published for the City and Guilds of London Institute for the Advancement of Technical Education.
˹ 499 - A Treatise on the Origin, Progress, Prevention, and Cure of Dry Rot in Timber; with Remarks on the Means of Preserving Wood from Destruction by Sea- Worms, Beetles, Ants, etc. By THOMAS ALLEN BRITTON, late Surveyor to the Metropolitan Board of Works, etc., etc. With 10 plates, crown 8vo, cloth, is.
˹ 504 - ANALYSIS OF ORNAMENT: THE CHARACTERISTICS OF STYLES. An Introduction to the Study of the History of Ornamental Art, With many Illustrations. Sixth Edition. Royal 8vo, cloth, 8s.
˹ 511 - Fruits, Flowers and Vegetables. THE FORCING GARDEN ; or, How to Grow Early Fruits, Flowers, and Vegetables. With Plans and Estimates for Building Glasshouses, Pits, Frames, &c. By S. WOOD. Crown 8vo, 3*. 6il. Market Gardening, Etc. THE KITCHEN AND MARKET GARDEN. By Contributors to
˹ 498 - A Treatise containing Plain and Concise Directions for the Manipulation of Wood and Metals ; including Casting, Forging, Brazing, Soldering, and Carpentry. By the Author of
˹ 55 - See also the report of 1884 of a royal commission "to inquire into the instruction of the industrial classes of certain foreign countries in technical and other subjects, for the purpose of comparison with that of the corresponding classes in this country; and into the influence of such instruction on manufacturing and other industries at home and abroad.
˹ 402 - Chapter on the Hygiene of Small Pox. 12mo, cloth. 1882. Philadelphia. P. Blakiston, Son, & Co.
˹ 23 - ... tested or analysed for such use as they may think fit. 35. No article exhibited may be photographed, drawn, copied or- reproduced, in any manner whatsoever, without the special sanction of the Exhibitor and of the Executive Council. 36. The Executive Council will not hold themselves responsible for loss or damage occurring to any exhibit from any cause whatsoever; but while declining any responsibility, it is the intention of the Council to take such precautions as they deem necessary.
˹ 441 - Health and Comfort in House Building, or Ventilation with Warm Air by Self-Acting Suction Power, with Review of the mode of Calculating the Draught in Hot-Air Flues, and with some actual Experiments. By J. DRYSDALE, MD, and JW HAYWARD, MD Second edition, with Supplement, with plates, demy 8vo, cloth, 'js.
˹ 180 - Apparatus and fittings for warming, ventilating, and lighting schools; school latrines, closets, etc. Special school fittings for storing, and drying clothing. Precaution in schools for preventing the spread of infectious diseases; school sanitaria, infirmaries, etc.