Discovering God: The Origins of the Great Religions and the Evolution of Belief

Harper Collins, 17 .. 2009 - 496 ˹

Winner of the 2008 Christianity Today Award of Merit in Theology/Ethics

The History of God

In Discovering God, award-winning sociologist Rodney Stark presents a monumental history of the origins of the great religions from the Stone Age to the Modern Age and wrestles with the central questions of religion and belief.

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Ԩóҡ  - millsge - LibraryThing

Rarely have I been so disappointed by a book - even 'Evolving God' was less disappointing. I am just under halfway through and I can't stand it any more. Stark totally dismisses Ancient Egyptian ... ҹԴ繩Ѻ

Ԩóҡ  - Patti -

This is a good book that tracks the belief of God from the Stone Age to the present. The author seeks to answer the following question: Is God real or did man invent Him? Discovering God is loaded ... ҹԴ繩Ѻ

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ǡѺ (2009)

Rodney Stark is the Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences at Baylor University. His thirty books on the history and sociology of religion include The Rise of Christianity, Cities of God, For the Glory of God, Discovering God, and The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success. Stark received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley.