Making Journals by Hand: 26 Creative Projects for Keeping Your Thoughts

Quarry Books, 2000 - 127 ˹
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Each project in this wonderful book is simple, yet will help you create a meaningful and personal place to keep your thoughts, write down your memories, or contemplate your future. Making Journals by Hand offers illustrated step-by-step instructions for hand-crafting the journal that creatively meets your personal journaling needs. Learn how to make a journal which matches your mood, personal style, or specific purpose, including specialty journals for travel, weddings, motherhood, and many other personal places to track your thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

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As an art teacher I wanted a resource that would be an excellent goto for a journal making class. It is amazing!! ҹԴ繩Ѻ

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Jason Thompson is the founder and president of Rag & Bone Bindery, and author of Making Journals By Hand (Rockport Publishing 2001) and Playing with Books (Quarry 2009). He is highly regarded as a book designer with integrity who creates unique handbound books and other fine bindings, as well as a popular blogger who writes about bookbinding, book arts, artist books, and paper craft.