Annual Report of the State Board of Health of the State of Wisconsin for the Year Ending ..., 29,ǹ 1920-1921

Wisconsin State Board of Health, 1922
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˹ 15 - By isolation is meant the separating of persons suffering from a communicable disease, or carriers of the infecting organism, from other persons, in such places and under such conditions as will prevent the direct or indirect conveyance of the infectious agent to susceptible persons.
˹ 42 - ... of said pupil and also the local health officer as speedily as possible, and said health officer shall examine into the case and take such action as is reasonable and necessary for the benefit of the pupils and to prevent the spread of infection.
˹ 31 - ... inches. In determining the size of the vent pipe, allow in addition to the closet, one bath, one basin, one sink or other similar fixture. The size of the vent and waste pipes for basins, sinks, baths, or other similar fixtures when they serve as the only fixture or fixtures in a building shall be governed by the provisions of Chart A.
˹ 16 - Concurrent disinfection of all articles which have been in contact with the patient and all articles soiled by discharges from the patient.
˹ 32 - Traps of this type will not be permitted under any circumstances in new construction. (2) When the total fall of the soil or waste pipe between the water level of the trap and the point of venting exceeds the inside diameter of the waste pipe, extended at a grade of not less than %-inch per foot, provided that the vertical leg between the horizontal waste branch and the trap level of sinks, wash basins and similar fixtures does not exceed five feet and that the total developed length of the entire...
˹ 43 - ... feet from any well, spring or other source of water supply used for drinking or culinary purposes.
˹ 42 - All teachers, all school trustees, and all health officers having jurisdiction shall not permit attendance in any private, parochial or public school of any pupil affected with a severe cough, a severe cold. Itch, lice or other vermin or any contagious skin disease, or who is filthy in body or clothing or odorous there.
˹ 29 - The height of a building is measured at the center line of its principal front, from the street grade (or, if setting back from the street, from the grade of the ground adjoining the building) to the highest part of the roof, if a flat roof, or to a point 2-3 the height of the roof, if a gabled or hipped roof.
˹ 6 - Every toilet room (except in a private apartment) should be artificially lighted during the entire period that the building is occupied, wherever and whenever adequate natural light is not available, so that all parts of the room are easily visible.
˹ 22 - ... to prevent the raising of dust. When vacuum cleaners, or properly filled reservoir dustless brushes are used, the sprinkling or use of moist sawdust is not required.