Hæc munera, quæsumus,

May these offerings, O Lord, Domine, et vincula nostræ both loosen the bonds of our pravitatis absolvant, et tuæ wickedness, and obtain for us nobis misericordiæ dona the gifts of thy mercy. concilient. Per Dominum. Through, dc.


Protege nos, Domine, Protect us, O Lord, while tuis mysteriis servientes : we assist at 'thy sacred mysut divinis rebus inhæren- teries : that being employed tes, et corpore tibi famule- in acts of religion, we may mur et mente. Per Domi- serve thee both in body and

mind. Through, &c.



Oblatis, quæsumus, Do- Be appeased, O Lord, with mine, placare muneribus : the offering we have made : et famulum tuum N. quem and cease not to protect thy Pastorem Ecclesiæ tuæ servant N., whom thou hast præesse voluisti, assidua been pleased to appoint Pasprotectione guberna. Per tor over thy Church. Through, Dominum.


The Communion-Antiphon is formed out of the very words spoken by Jesus, when instituting the august Sacrifice that has just been celebrated, and of which the Priest and people have partaken, in memory of the Passion, for it renews both the remembrance and the merits of the Passion.


Hoc corpus, quod pro This is the body which shall vobis tradetur: hic calix be delivered up for you ; this novi testamenti est in meo is the cup of the new covenant sanguine, dicit Dominus : in my blood, saith the Lord. hoc facite, quotiescumque As often as you receive them, sumitis in meam comme- do it in remembrance of me. morationem,

In the Postcommunion, the Church prays to God, that he would maintain in the Faithful the fruits of the visit he has so graciously paid them, for, by their participation in the Sacred Mysteries, he has entered into them.

POSTCOMMUNIONS. Help us, O Lord our God, Adesto nobis, Domine and for ever protect those Deus noster : et, quos tuis whom thou hast refreshed mysteriis recreasti, perpewith thy sacred mysteries. tuis defende subsidiis. Per Through, dc.



We beseech thee, O Lord Quæsumus, Domine Deus our God, not to leave exposed noster : ut quos divina trito the dangers of human life, huis participatione gaudere, those whom thou hast per- liumanis non sinas subjacere mitted to partake of these periculis. Per Dominum divine mysteries. Through, dec.


May the participation of Hæc nos, quæsumus, Dothis divine Sacrament protect mine, divini Sacramenti us, we beseech thee, O Lord; perceptio protegat : et_faand always procure safety and mulum tuum N. quem Pasdefence to thy servant N., torem Ecclesiæ tuæ præwhom thou hast appointed esse voluisti, una cum comPastor over thy Church, to- misso sibi grege salvet semgether with the flock com- per et muniat. Per Domimitted to his charge. Through, num. dc.


The Psalms and Antiphons are given in page 80.


(Heb. IX.) Fratres : Christus assis- Brethren : Christ being tens Pontifex futurorum come an High Priest of the bonorum, per amplius et good things to come, by a perfectius tabernaculum greater and more perfect tabnon manufactum, id est, ernacle not made with hands, non hujus creationis, neque that is, not of this creation, per sanguinem hircorum, neither by the blood of goats aut vitulorum, sed per pro- or of calves, but by his own prium sanguinem, introivit Blood, entered once into the semel in Sancta, æterna re- Holies, having obtained eterdemptione inventa.

nal redemption.

For the Hymn and Versicle, see page 87.

ANTIPHON OF THE Magnificat. Abraham pater vester ex- Abraham your father resultavit ut videret diem joiced that he might see my meum: vidit et gavisus est. day : he saw it, and was glad.

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Quæsumus, omnipotens Mercifully look down on Deus, familiam tuam pro- thy people, we beseech thee, pitius respice : ut, te lar- O Almighty God, that by thy giente, regatur in corpore, bounty and protection, they et, te servante, custodiatur may be governed and guarded in mente. Per Dominum. both in body and soul.

Through, &c.

The following appropriate Prayer is from the Mozarabic Breviary.



CAPITULUM. The course of the year has Passionis tuæ festum, brought us to the time for Christe Dei Filius, devotis celebrating, with devout hearts cordium officiis, and offices, the Feast of thy temporis inchoantes, quo Passion, O Jesus, Son of God! pro nobis et linguas fuisti wherein, for our sakes, thou persequentium passus, et didst suffer the calumnies of tradentium te vulneribus thine enemies, and wast cru- crucifixus ; rogamus atque cified by the wounds of them exposcimus ne te elonges that betrayed thee. We pray a nobis : ut quia proxiand beseech thee, that thou mante tribulatione, non est depart not from us; and qui adjuvet ; tu solus Paswhereas tribulation is nigh at sionis tuæ subleves hand, and there is none to ope : ne tradas ergo nos help us, do thou, by the help inimicis nostris in malum, of thy Passion, become our sed excipe servos tuos in sole protector.

Deliver us bonum : ut nos calumniannot, therefore, into the hands tes superbi, inimici scilicet of our enemies unto evil, but animarum nostrarum, virreceive us, as thy servants, tutis tuæ potentia propelunto good ; that the haughty lantur ; tu es enim divina who calumniate us,


per humanitatem namely the enemies of our super candelabrum crucis souls, may be repelled by the imposita : ideo te rogamus, might of thy power. Thou, ut nos accendas, ne veniaby the human nature thou mus in pænam. Quos ergo hast assumed, art the lamp perspicis initiatum Passioset on the stand of the Cross: nis tuæ festum devotis corwe beseech thee, therefore, dibus excepisse, facito eos that thou enkindle us by thy Passioni tuæ communicare : flame, lest we become


ut tenebrarum nostrarum to punishment.

Behold us

errore discusso, lucis tuæ now entering, with devout muniamur præsidio. hearts, upon the feast of thy Passion; oh! grant that we partake of the merits of thy Passion : that thus, being delivered from the error of our darkness, we may be fortified by the help of thy Light.


That we may the better honour the holy Cross, we give, for each day of this week, an appropriate Hymn from one or other of the various ancient Liturgies. The one we have selected for to-day is the composition of St. Venantius Fortunatus, Bishop of Poitiers.

HYMN. Crux benedicta nitet, Do- Brightly shineth the blessed

minus qua carne pe- Cross, whereon hung the body pendit.

of our Lord, when, with his Atque cruore suo vulnera Blood, he washed our wounds.

nostra lavat. Mitis amore pio pro nobis Become, out of tender love victima factus,

for us, a meek Victim, this Traxit ab ore lupi qua sa- divine Lamb did, by the Cross, cer Agnus oves. rescue us his sheep from the

jaws of the wolf. Transfixis palmis ubi 'Twas there, with his hands

mundum a clade rede- nailed to the wood, that he mit,

redeemed the world from ruin, Atque suo clausit funere and by his own death, closed mortis iter.

the way of death. Hic manus illa fuit clavis Here was fastened with

confixa cruentis, cruel nails that hand, which Quæ eripuit Paulum cri- delivered Paul from sin, and

mine, morte Petrum. Peter from death. Fertilitate potens, o dulce O sweet and noble Tree!

et nobile lignum, how vigorous is thy growth, Quando tuis ramis tam nova when, on thy branches, hang poma geris.

fruits so rare as these ! Cujus odore novo defunc- Thy fresh fragrance gives ta cadavera surgunt,

resurrection to many that lay Et redeunt vitæ qui caruere in the tomb, and restores the die.

dead to life. Nullum uret æstus sub He that shelters beneath

frondibus arboris hu- thy shade, shall not be scorchjus :

ed either by the moon at night Luna nec in noctem, sol ne- or by the mid-day sun.

que meridie.

rum :

Tu plantata micas secus Planted near the running est ubi cursus aqua- waters, thou art lovely in thy

verdure, and blossoms ever Spargis et ornatas flore re- fresh blow on each fair branch.

cente conas. Appensa est vitis inter Between thine arms hangs

tua brachia, de qua the pendant Vine, whence Dulcia sanguineo vina ru- wine most sweet flows in a bore fluunt.

ruddy stream.

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