with the Father,--consubstantial to the Father: and, then, after causing much trouble and sin, Arianism will die out, and be forgotten. The Jews, mentioned in to-day's Gospel, are the fore-runners of Arius; they understand what our Lord says,—be says he is God; and they seek to stone him. Jesus gives them a fresh grace; he shows them why they should receive what he here teaches: he reminds them, by the Scriptures they knew off by heart, that the name god has sometimes been applied, in a limited sense, to men who had certain high offices put upon them by heaven; and then, he bids them think of all the miracles they have seen him work, which so plainly testify to his being assisted by his Father, and once more declares himself to be God, saying: The Father is in me, and I in the Father. But men, hardened in obstinacy as these are, cannot be convinced; and the sin they have committed against the Holy Ghost is working its effects. How different is it with the Sheep of this divine Shepberd! They hear his voice; they follow him; he gives them eternal life; no man shall pluck them out of his hand. Happy Sheep indeed! They believe, because they love; and as it is through the heart that Truth gains ascendency over them, so is it by pride of intellect that darkness gets admission into the soul of the unbeliever, and lasts as long as pride lasts. Alas! poor unbeliever ! he loves his darkness; he calls it light; he blasphemes when he thinks he reasons, just as these Jews crucified the Son of God, that, as they said, they might give glory to God !

Humiliate capita vestra Bow down your heads to Deo.

God. Adesto supplicationibus Hear our prayers and ennostris, omnipotens Deus ; treaties, O Almighty God, and et quibus fiduciam speran- grant that those to whom thou dæ pietatis indulges, con- givest hopes of thy mercy, may experience the effects of suetæ misericordiæ tribue thy usual clemency. Through benignus effectum. Per Christ our Lord. Amen. Christum Dominum nos

trum. Amen.

The Mozarabic Breviary gives us the following beautiful prayer, which consists of exclamations to our suffering Jesus.



us !


(Sabbato Dominicce V. Quadragesimo.) Ť. O Jesus ! thou true Son Ň. Verus Dei Filius Chrisof God,

R. Graciously hear R. Exaudi : populo suphave mercy on thy suppliant plicanti miserere. people.

W. Thou that alone didst V. Qui triumpho Crucis save the world by the triumph tuæ salvasti solus orbem, tu of thy Cross, do thou, by the cruoris tui pana nos libera. Blood thou didst shed, deliver

R. And graciously hear us. R. Et exaudi.

ř. Bythy Death, thou didst ř. Qui moriens mortem destroy death ; By thy Resur- damnas, resurgens vitam rection, thou didst give us præstas, sustinens pro nobis life ; for our sakes, thou didst pænam indebitam. suffer undue punishment.

R. And graciously hear us. R. Et exaudi.

V. May we celebrate, in . Passionis tuæ dies ce. peace, these days of thy Pas- lebremus indemnes : ut per sion, and thereby be consoled hoc dulcedo tua nos foveat. hy thy sweetness. R. And graciously hear us. R. Et exaudi.

. Let not them perish, for ř. Pro quibus passus es whom thou didst suffer the crucem, non permittas perCross; but, by thy Cross, ire; sed per crucem duc ad lead them to life everlasting. vitam perpetuam.

B. And graciously hear us. B. Et exaudi.

Let us now turn towards the Holy Cross. These words of the Greek Church, in her Triodion, will assist our devotion.



(Feria V. medice Septimana.) Crucis speciem insinuans, When the most praisemanus, permutato ordine, worthy Patriarch Jacob, was, of olim expandit decantatissi- old, about to bless his children, mus Jacob, benedictionem he crossed his arms; in this nepotibus impertiens; si- he represented the Cross, and mulque salutiferam bene- prefigured that saving blessing dictionem quæ ad nos om

which thence came to each of nes pertingit indicans.

Te salutiferam armatu- We embrace thee, most ram, te invictum trophæum, venerable Cross, as our arlætitiæ signum, quo mors mour of salvation, the invinoccisa est, amplectimur, cible trophy, the standard of illustres effecti ejus gloria joy, whereby Death was put to qui in te, Crux honora. death ; for we have been made tissima, affixus est.

to share in the glory of Him,

that was nailed upon thee. Assistunt incorporearum The choirs of the angelic Virtutum ordines tremen- Powers stand in holy awe tes coram ligno vitam præ- around thee, O life-giving bente. In te enim Christus tree! For it was on thee that sanguinem effudit, pretium Christ shed his Blood, which redemptionis repræsentans, was the price of our redempdæmonibus piaculare et tion, and which utterly descapitale, ob perniciem ho- troyed all those rights that sin minibus illatam.

had given the devil over man

kind. Percussum me hostis gla- O Word (made Flesh)! the dio sana sanguine tuo, Ver- sword of the enemy hath bum, et lancea celeriter pec struck me; heal me by thy catorum meorum chirogra- Blood. Speedily tear, with phum disrumpe, et in li- thy Spear, the hand-writing brum vitæ inscribe.

of my sins, and write my name

in the book of life. Inferni habitaculum con- O venerable Cross ! when cussisti, ubi in terra defixa thou wast fixed in the earth, es : fidelibus autem ful- thou didst make to tremble crum inconcussum et sta- the region of hell ; but thou bilis protectio effecta es, ô wast made a firm support and veneranda Crux.

unshaken protection to the

Faithful. Feraces virtutum effecti Being made fruitful in virdecerpamus divini ligni vi- tue, let us pluck from the vificos fructus, quos protulit divine Tree those life-giving


fruits, offered unto us by that nobis in hoc extensus Jesus rich Vine, Jesus, who lay vitis illa fructifera. stretched upon it.

O Jesus! we praise thy im- Laudamus, Jesu, immenmense goodness, as we vene- sam bonitatem tuam adorate the Cross, and Spear, and rantes Crucem, lanceam et Reed, whereby, Omerciful arundinem per quam susGod, thou didst remove the tulisti, misericors, inimiciwall of enmity that stood tiarum medium parietem. between us and thee.



THE Station at Rome, is in the Church of Saint Apollinaris, who was a disciple of St. Peter, and, afterwards, Bishop of Ravenna, and Martyr.


Præsta, quæsumus, omni- Grant, we beseech thee, O potens Deus, ut dignitas Almighty God, that the conditionis humanæ per dignity of human nature, immoderantiam sauciata, which hath been wounded medicinalis parcimoniæ stu- by excess, may be cured by dio reformetur. Per Chris- the practice of healing temtum Dominum nostrum. perance. Through Christ our Amen.

Lord. Amen.


Lectio Danielis Prophetæ. Lesson from Daniel the

Cap. 111.

Ch. III. In diebus illis : Oravit In those days, Azarias Azarias Dominum, dicens : prayed to the Lord, saying: Domine Deus noster, ne Ô Lord our God, deliver us quæsumus, tradas nos in not up for ever, we beseech perpetuum propter nomen thee, for thy name's sake, and tuum, et ne dissipes testa- abolish not thy covenant : and mentum tuum : neque au- take not away thy mercy feras misericordiam tuam a from us, for the sake of nobis propter Abraham Abraham thy beloved, and dilectum tuum et Isaac Isaac thy servant, and Israel

« ͹˹Թõ