B. Eram quasi agnus in- R. I was like an innocent nocens : ductus sum ad im- Lamb ; I was led to be sacri. molandum, et nesciebam : ficed, and I knew it not: my consilium fecerunt inimici enemies conspired against me, mei adversum me, dicentes : saying : * Come, let us put * Venite mittamus lignum wood into his bread, and root in panem ejus, et eradamus him out of the land of the eum de terra viventium.

living. Ť. Omnes inimici mei V. All my enemies devised adversum me cogitabant evil things against me: they mala mihi : verbum ini- uttered wicked speech quum mandaverunt adver- against me, saying : sum me, dicentes :

Venite, mittamus lig- * Come, let us put wood into num in panem ejus, et era- his bread, and root him out damus eum de terra viven- of the land of the living. tium.





Ego enim accepi a Domino, For I have received of the quod et tradidi vobis, quo- Lord that which also I deliveniam Dominus Jesus, in red to you, that the Lord qua nocte tradebatur, acce- Jesus, the same night in which pit panem, et gratias agens he was betrayed, took bread, fregit, et dixit: Accipite, et and giving thanks, broke it manducate : hoc est Corpus and said : Take ye, and eat: meum, quod pro vobis trade- this is my body which shall tur: hoc facite in meam be delivered for you : this do commemorationem. Simi- for the commemoration of me. liter et calicem post quam In like manner also the conavit dicens : Hic calix chalice, after he had supped, novum testamentum est in saying: This chalice is the meo Sanguine. Hoc facite new testament in my Blood : quotiescumque bibetis, in this do ye, as often as you

commemorationem. shall drink it, for the comQuotiescumque enim man- memoration of me.

For as ducabitis panem hunc, et often as you shall eat this calicem bibetis, . mortem bread, and drink this chalice, Domini annuntiabitis donec you shall show the death of veniat.

the Lord until he comes. B. Una hora non potuis- R. Could ye not watch one tis vigilare mecum, qui hour with me, ye that exhorted exhortabamini

pro each other to die for me? * Or

see ye not how Judas sleepeth
not, but maketh speed to
deliver me up to the Jews ?


me ?

V. Why sleep ye? Arise, . Quid dormitis? Surgiand pray, lest ye enter into te, et orate, ne intretis in temptation.

tentationem. * Or see ye not how Judas * Vel Judam non videtis, sleepeth not, but maketh speed quomodo non dormit, sed to deliver me up to the Jews ? festinat tradere me Judæis?


Wherefore whosoever shall Itaque quicumque maneat this bread, or drink the ducaverit panem hunc, vel chalice of the Lord unwor- biberit calicem Domini inthily, shall be guilty of the digne, reus erit Corporis et body and of the blood of the Sanguinis Domini. Probet Lord. But let a man prove autem seipsum homo ; et sic himself: and so let him eat of de pane illo edat, et de calice that bread, and drink of the bibat. . Qui enim manducat chalice. For he that eateth et bibit indigne, judicium and drinketh unworthily, eat- sibi manducat et bibit, non eth and drinketh judgment to dijudicans Corpus Domini. himself, not discerning the Ideo inter vos multi infirmi body of the Lord. Therefore et imbecilles, et dormiunt are there many infirm and multi. Quod si nosmetipsos weak among you, and many dijudicaremus, non utique sleep. But if we would judge judicaremur. Dum judiourselves, we should not be camur autem, a Domino judged. But whilst we are corripimur, ut non cum hoc judged, we are chastised by mundo damnemur. Itaque the Lord, that we be not fratres mei, cum convenitis condemned with this world. ad manducandum, invicem Wherefore, my brethren, when exspectate. Si quis esurit, you come together to eat, wait domi manducet : ut non in for one another. If any man judicium conveniatis. Cætebe hungry let him eat at home; ra autem, cum venero, disthat you come not together ponam. unto judgment. And the rest I will set in order when I


B. The ancients of the peo- R. Seniores populi consiple consulted together, * How lium fecerunt, * Ut Jesum, they might, by craft, appre- dolo tenerent, et occidehend Jesus, and kill him: rent : cum gladiis et fustithey went forth, with swords bus exierunt tamquam ad and clubs, as to 'a thief. latronem.

Ñ. The Priests and Phari- V. Collegerunt Pontifices sees held a council.

et Pharisæi concilium.


* U't Jesum dolo tene- * How they might, by craft, rent, et occiderent: cum apprehend Jesus, and kill him: gladiis et fustibus exierunt they went forth, with swords tanquam ad latronem. and

clubs, as to a thief. Here is repeated : Seniores Here is repeated : The anpopuli.



The first Psalm is the one written by David after his sin, in which he so feelingly and so humbly breathes forth his repentance. The Church invariably makes use of this Psalm, when she sues to God for mercy; and of all the canticles of the Royal Prophet, there is not one which is so familiar to the Faithful as this.

Ant. Justificeris, Domine, ANT. Be thou justified, O in sermonibus tuis, et vin- Lord, in thy words, and overcas cum judicaris.

come, when thou art judged.



my sin.

Miserere mei, Deus : * se- Have mercy on me, O God, cundum magnam misericor- according to thy great mercy. diam tuam.

Et secundum multitudi- And according to the mulnem miserationum tuarum: titude of thy tender mercies, * dele iniquitatem meam. blot out my iniquities.

Amplius lava me ab ini- Wash me yet more from my quitate mea : et a peccato iniquity : and cleanse me from meo munda me.

Quoniam iniquitatem me- For I know my iniquity : am ego cognosco : * et pec- and my sin is always before catum meum contra me est me. semper.

Tibi soli peccavi, et ma- To thee only have I sinned, lum coram te feci : * ut jus- and have done evil before tificeris in sermonibus tuis, thee : I confess it: do thou et vincas cum judicaris. pardon me, that thou mayest

be justified in thy words, and mayest overcome when thou art judged.

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For behold I was conceived Ecce enim in iniquitatiin iniquities : and in sins did bus conceptus sum : * et in my mother conceive me. peccatis concepit me mater

mea. For behold thou hast loved Ecce enim veritatem ditruth : the uncertain and hid- lexisti : * incerta et occulta den things of thy wisdom thou sapientiæ tuæ manifestasti hast made manifest to me. mihi,

Thou shalt sprinkle me with Asperges me hyssopo, et hyssop, as is a leper, and I mundabor : * lavabis me, et shall be cleansed : thou shalt super nivem dealbabor. wash me, and I shall be made whiter than snow. To my hearing thou shalt

Auditui meo dabis gaugive joy and gladness : and dium et lætitiam :* et exsulthe bones that have been tabunt ossa humiliata. humbled shall rejoice.

Turn away thy face from Averte faciem tuam a my sins : and blot out all my peccatis meis :

* et omnes iniquities.

iniquitates meas dele, Create a clean heart in me, Cor mundum crea in me, O God : and renew a right Deus : * et spiritum rectum spirit within my bowels. innova in visceribus meis.

Cast me not away from thy Ne projicias me a facie face : and take not thy holy tua : * et spiritum sanctum Spirit from me.

tuum ne auferas a me. Restore unto me the joy of Redde mihi lætitiam sathy salvation : and strengthen lutaris tuæ : et spiritu me with a perfect spirit. principali confirma me.

I will teach the unjust thy Docebo iniquos vitas tuas: ways : and the wicked shall * et impii ad te convertenbe converted to thee.

tur. Deliver me from blood, O Libera me de sanguinibus God, the God of my salva- Deus, Deus salutis meæ : tion: and my tongue shall et exsultabit lingua mea jusextol thy justice.

titiam tuam. O Lord, thou wilt open my Domine, labia mea aperlips : and my mouth shall de- ies : et os meum annuntiaclare thy praise.

bit laudem tuam. For if thou hadst desired Quoniam si voluisses sasacrifice, I would indeed have crificium dedissem utique:* given it: with burnt-offerings holocaustis non delectabethou wilt not be delighted. ris.

A sacrifice to God is an Sacrificium Deo spiritus afflicted spirit : a contrite and contribulatus : * cor contrihumble heart, O God, thou tem et humiliatum, Deus, wilt not despise.

non despicies.



be built up.

Benigne fac Domine in Deal favourably, O Lord, bona voluntate tua Sion : * in thy good-will with Sion : ut ædificentur muri Jeru- that the walls of Jerusalem salem.

may Junc acceptabis sacrifi

Then shalt thou accept the cium justitiæ, oblationes, sacrifice of justice, oblations et holocausta : * tunc im- and whole burnt-offering : ponent super altare tuum then shall they lay calves upon vitulos.

thy altar. ANT. Justificeris, Domine, Ant. Be thou justified, O in sermonibus tuis, et vin- Lord, in thy words, and overcas cum judicaris.

come, when thou art judged.

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The second Psalm is one of those which is fixed for the Thursday of each week: it is a prayer suitable for the morning. The Psalmist confesses the nothingness of man, and the shortness of his life: he asks God to bless the actions of the day. The Faithful must not forget that the Office of Lauds is the morning service, and its being said over night, during these three days, is exceptional.

ANT. Dominus tamquam

ANT. The Lord was led as ovis ad victimam ductus a sheep to the slaughter, and est, et non aperuit os suum. he opened not his mouth.


Domine, refugium factus Lord, thou hast been our es nobis : *

a generatione refuge from generation to in generationem.

generation. Priusquam montes fie- Before the mountains were rent, aut formaretur terra made,or the earth and the world et orbis : *a sæculo et usque was formed; from eternity in sæculum tu es Deus. and to eternity thou art God. Ne avertas hominem in

Turn not man away to be humilitatem : * et dixisti: brought low; and thou hast Convertimini, filii homi- said : Be converted, Oye sons Quoniam mille anni ante

For a thousand years, in thy oculos tuos. : * tanquam sight, are but as yesterday dies hesterna quæ præte- which is past and gone. riit.

of men.


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