Pater and Ave are said in secret.

The first Psalm alludes to the Chalice of Salvation, which Jesus prepared for his Church by shedding his Blood for our redemption. It was on this day, at his Last Supper, that he gave her the Chalice of the New Testament.

ANT. Calicem salutaris ANT. I will take the Chalice accipiam, et nomen Domini of salvation, and I will call invocabo.

upon the name of the Lord.


PSALM 115. Credidi, propter quod lo- I have believed, therefore cutus sum : ego autem have I spoken: but Í have been humiliatus sum nimis. humbled exceedingly. Ego dixi in excessu meo :

I said in my excess : every * omnis homo mendax.

man is a liar. Quid retribuam Domino : What shall I render to the

pro omnibus quæ retri- Lord for all the things that buit mihi?

he hath rendered to me? Calicem salutaris acci- I will take the chalice of piam : * et nomen Domini salvation: and I will call upon invocabo.

the name of the Lord. Vota mea Domino red- I will pay my vows to the dam coram omni populo Lord before all his people : ejus : * pretiosa in conspec- precious in the sight of the tu Domini mors sanctorum Lord is the death of his saints. ejus.

O Domine, quia ego ser- O Lord, for I am thy servus tuus: ego servus tuus, vant: I am thy servant, and et filius ancillæ tuæ.

the son of thy handmaid. Dirupisti vincula mea : Thou hast broken my tibi sacrificabo hostiam lau- bonds : I will sacrifice to thee dis, et nomen Domini invo- the sacrifice of praise, and I cabo.

will call upon the name of the

Lord. Vota mea Domino reddam I will pay my vows to the in conspectu omnis populi Lord in the sight of all his ejus : * in atriis domus Do- people : in the courts of the mini, in [medio tui Jeru- house of the Lord, in the midst salem.

of thee, O Jerusalem.





vit me.

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Ant. I will take the Chalice ANT. Calicem salutaris of salvation, and I will call accipiam, et nomen Domini upon the name of the Lord. invocabo.

The second Psalm shows us our Lord patiently bearing the calumnies of his enemies, and the trials of his earthly sojourn.

ANT. With them that hated Ant. Cum his qui odepeace,

I was peaceable : when runt pacem, eram pacifiI spoke to them, they fought cus: dum loquebar illis, against me without cause. impugnabant me gratis.

PSALM 119. In my trouble, I cried to Ad Dominum cum tribu. the Lord, and he heard me. larer, clamavi : * et exaudi

O Lord, deliver my soul Domine, libera animam from wicked lips, and a deceit- meam a labiis iniquis : * et ful tongue.

a lingua dolosa. What shall be given to thee, Quid detur tibi, aut quid or what shall be added to thee, apponatur tibi : ad linto a deceitful tongue ?

guam dolosam? The sharp arrows of the Sagittæ potentis acutæ :* mighty, with coals that lay cum carbonibus desolatowaste.

riis. Wo is me that my sojourn- Heu mihi quia incolatus ing is prolonged : I have dwelt meus prolongatus est ! habiwith the inhabitants of Cedar: tavi cum habitantibus Cemy soul has been long a so- dar : * multum incola fuit journer.

anima mea. With them that hated peace Cum his qui oderunt paI was peaceable: when I spoke cem, eram pacificus : * dmu to them, they fought against loquebar illis, impugnabant me without cause.

me gratis. ANT. With them that hated Ant. Cum his qui oderunt peace, I was peaceable : when pacem, eram pacificus : dum I spoke to them, they fought foquebar illis, impugnabant against me without cause. me gratis.

In the third Psalm, the Messias complains of the perfidy of Judas, and of the persecutions he met with from the Synagogue.

Ant. From unjust men, de- ANT. Ab hominibus inliver me, O Lord?

quis libera me, Domine,




PSALM 139. Eripe me, Domine, ab Deliver me, O Lord, from homine malo : a viró ini. the evil man : rescue me from quo eripe me.

the unjust man. Qui cogitaverunt iniqui- Who have devised iniquities tates in corde : * tota die in their hearts : all the day constituebant prælia. long they designed battles.

Acuerunt linguas suas si- They have sharpened their cut serpentis : venenum tongues like a serpent : the aspidum sub labiis eorum. venom of asps is under their

lips. Custodi me, Domine, de Keep me, O Lord, from the manu peccatoris : * et ab hands of the wicked: and from hominibus iniquis eripe me. unjust men deliver me.

Qui cogitaverunt supplan- Who have proposed to suptare gressus meos : * abscon- plant my steps: the proud derunt superbi laqueum have hid a net for me. mihi.

Et funes extenderunt in And they have stretched laqueum : *juxta iter scan- out cords for a snare : they dalum posuerunt mihi. have laid for me a stumbling

block by the way side. Dixi Domino: Deus meus I said to the Lord : Thou es tu : exaudi, Domine, art my God: hear, O Lord, the vocem deprecationis meæ. voice of my supplication.

Domine, Domine, virtus O Lord, O Lord, the salutis meæ : * obumbrasti strength of my salvation: thou super caput meum in die hast overshadowed my head belli.

in the day of battle. Ne tradas me Domine, a Give me not up, O Lord, desiderio meo peccatori :* from my desire to the wicked: cogitaverunt contra me, ne they have plotted against me; derelinquas me, ne forte ex- do not thou forsake me, lest altentur.

they should triumph. Caput circuitus eorum :

The head of their compasslabor labiorum ipsorum ope- ing me about : the labour of riet eos.

their lips shall overwhelm

them. Cadent super eos carbones, Burning coals shall fall upon in ignem dejicies eos : * in them; thou wilt cast them miseriis non subsistent. down into the fire : in miseries

they shall not be able to

stand. Vir linguosus non dirige- A man full of tongue shall tur in terra : * virum injus- not be established in the earth:

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evils shall catch the unjust tum mala capient in inteman unto destruction.

ritu. I know that the Lord will Cognovi quia faciet Dodo justice to the needy, and minus judicium inopis : * will revenge the poor.

et vindictam

pauperum, But as for the just, they Verumtamen justi confishall give glory to thy name :

tebuntur nomini tuo : * et and the upright shall dwell habitabunt recti cum vulto with thy countenance.

tuo. Ant. From unjust men,

de- ANT. Ab hominibus iniliver me, O Lord!

quis libera me, Domine. The fourth Psalm represents our Saviour offering his prayer to God as evening incense : his hands are stretched out upon the Cross. His bones are disjointed; the tomb, (which the Psalmist here calls hell,) is soon to receive him as its victim; and yet, he

; hopes in the promised aid.

Ant. Keep me from the Ant. Custodi me a lasnare which they have laid for

queo, quem statuerunt mime, and from the stumbling-hi, et a scandalis operantium blocks of them that work ini- iniquitatem. quity.


PSALM 140.



I have cried out to thee, O Domine, clamavi ad te, Lord, hear me: hearken to exaudi me: * intende voci my voice when I cry to thee. meæ cum clamavero ad te.

Let my prayer be directed Dirigatur oratio mea sicut as incense in thy sight : the incensum in conspectu tuo : lifting up of my hands as an * elevatio manuum evening sacrifice.

rum, sacrificium vespertiSet a watch, O Lord, before Pone, Domine, custodiam my mouth ; and a door round ori meo : et ostium cirmy lips.



cumstantiæ labiis meis. Incline not my heart to evil Non declines cor meum words : to make excuses for in verba malitiæ, * ad exsins.

cusandas excusationes in

peccatis. With men that work ini- Cum hominibus operanquity : and I will not commu- tibus iniquitatem : * et non nicate with the choicest of communicabo cum electis them.





Corripiet me justus in The just man shall correct misericordia, et increpabit me in mercy, and reprove me :

* oleum autem pecca- but let not the oil of the sintoris non impinguet caput per fatten my head.

Quoniam adhuc et oratio For my prayer also shall mea in beneplacitis eorum : still be against the things with * absorpti sunt juncti pe- which they are well pleased : træ judices eorum.

their judges falling upon the

rock have been swallowed up. Audient verba mea quo

They shall hear my words, niam potuerunt : sicut for they have prevailed; as crassitudo terræ erupta est when the thickness of the super terram.

earth is broken up upon the

ground. Dissipata sunt ossa nos- Our bones are scattered by tra secus infernum : * quia the

side of hell ; but on thee, ad te Domine, Domine oculi O Lord, Lord, are my eyes : mei: in te speravi, non in thee have I put my trust, auferas animam meam. take not away my soul.

Custodi me a laqueo quem Keep me from the snare, statuerunt mihi : * et a which they have laid for me, scandalis operantium ini- and from the stumbling-blocks quitatem.

of them that work iniquity; Cadent in retiaculo ejus The wicked shall fall in his peccatores : * singulariter net : I am alone until I pass. sum ego, donec transeam.

ANT. Custodi me alaqueo, Ant. Keep me from the quem statuerunt mihi, et a snare which they have laid for scandalis operantium ini- me, and from the stumblingquitatem,

blocks of them that work ini

quity. In the fifth Psalm, the Messias complains of his being abandoned by all. No one takes his part; his enemies have him in their

power, and are determined he shall not escape. He turns towards his Eternal Father, and beseecbes him to deliver him from the prison of the tomb, into which he is soon to descend.

ANT. Considerabam ad Ant. I looked on my right dexteram, et videbam; et hand, and beheld; and there non erat qui cognosceret me. was no one that would know


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