our prayers, and by thy good- electum nobis Antistitem ness preserve the Prelate tua pietate conserva : ut chosen to govern us; that the Christiana plebs, quæ te Christian people who are go: gubernatur auctore, sub verned by thy authority, may tanto Pontifice, credulitaincrease the merits of their tis suæ meritis augeatur. faith under so great a Pontiff. Per Dominum. Through, &c. B. Amen.

B. Amen. Let us also pray for all Oremus et pro omnibus Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Episcopis, Presbyteris, DiaSubdeacons, Acolytes, Exor- conibus, Subdiaconibus, cists, Readers, Doorkeepers, Acolythis, Exorcistis, LecConfessors, Virgins, Widows, toribus, Ostiariis, Confesand for all the holy people of soribus, Virginibus, Viduis : God.

et pro omni populo sancto


OREMUS. The Deacon: Let us kneel The Deacon: Flectamus down.

genua. The Subdeacon : Stand up The Subdeacon: Levate. again.

O Almighty and Eternal Omnipotens sempiterne God, by whose spirit the Deus, cujus Spiritu totum whole body of the Church is corpus Ecclesiæ sanctificasanctified and governed; hear tur et regitur: exaudi nos our prayers for all Orders pro universis Ordinibus thereof; that, by the assistance supplicantes : ut gratiæ tuæ of thy grace, thou mayest be munere, ab omnibus tibi served by every rank and con- gradibus fideliter serviatur. dition. Through, &c.

Per Dominum. R. Amen.

R. Amen.

The Church of Rome, in the following “Prayer," had in view the Emperor of Germany, who was formerly the head of the germanic confederation, and, in the Middle Ages, was intrusted, by the Church, with the charge of propagating the Faith among the northern nations. This “Prayer" is now omitted, excepting in those countries, which are subject to Austria.

Let us pray also for the Oremus et pro christiamost Christian Emperor N., nissimo Imperatore nostro




N. ut Deus et Dominus nos- that the Lord God may reduce ter subditas illi faciat om- to his obedience all barbarous nes barbaras nationes, ad nations for our perpetual nostram perpetuam pacem. peace. OREMUS.

LET US PRAY. The Deacon: Flectamus The Deacon: Let us kneel genua.

down. The Subdeacon: Levate. The Subdeacon: Stand up

again. Omnipotens sempiterne O Almighty and Eternal Deus, in cujus manu sunt God, in whose hands are the omnium potestates, et om- power and right of all king. nium jura regnorum : re- doms, graciously look down spice_ ad Romanum benig- on the Roman Empire : that nus Imperium : ut gentes, those nations who confide in quæ in sua feritate confi- their own haughtiness and dunt, potentiæ tuæ dextera strength, may be reduced by comprimantur. Per Domi- the power of thy right hand. num, R. Amen.

B. Amen. Oremus et pro catechu- Let us pray also for our menis nostris : ut Deus et Catechumens, that our Lord Dominus noster adaperiat God may open for them the aures præcordiorum ipso- ears of their hearts, and the rum, januamque misericor- gates of mercy ; that having diæ : 'ut per lavacrum re- received the remission of sin generationis, accepta remis- by the laver of regeneration, sione omnium peccatorum, they may also belong to our et ipsi invenianturin Christo Lord Jesus Christ. Jesu Domino nostro.


OREMUS. The Deacon : Flectamus The Deacon: Let us kneel genua.

down, The Subdeacon : Levate. The Subdeacon : Stand up

again. Omnipotens sempiterne O Almighty and Eternal Deus, qui Ecclesiam tuam God, who continually makest nova semper prole foecun- the church fruitful in new das: auge fidem et intellec- children, increase the faith tum catechumenis nostris : and understanding of our ut renati fonte baptismatis, Catechumens, that, being adoptionis tuæ filiis aggre- again born at the font of gentur. Per Dominum.

baptism, they may be joined to thy adopted children, . Through, dc.

R. Amen.

B. Amen. Let us pray, most dearly Oremus, dilectissimi nobeloved brethren, to God the bis, Deum Patrem omnipoFather Almighty, that he tentem, ut cunctis mundum would purge the world of all purget erroribus : morbos errors, cure diseases, drive auferat : famem depellat : away famine, open prisons, aperiat carceres : vincula break chains, grant a safe dissolvat : peregrinantibus return to travellers, health to reditum, infirmantibus sathe sick, and a secure harbour nitatem, navigantibus porto such as are at sean

tum salutis indulgeat.



The Deacon: Let us kneel The Deacon: Flectamus down.

genua. The Subdeacon : Stand up The Subdeacon : Levate. again.

O Almighty and Eternal Omnipotens sempiterne God, the comfort of the Deus, moestorum consolatio, afflicted, and the strength of laborantium fortitudo, perthose that labour; let the veniant ad te preces de prayers of all such as call quacumque tribulatione claupon thee in tribulation, come mantium : ut omnes sibi in to thee; that all, with joy, necessitatibus suis miserimay find the effects of thy cordiam tuam gaudeant mercy in their necessities. adfuisse. Per Dominum. Through, dc. B. Amen.

R. Amen. Let us pray also for all Oremus et pro hæreticis heretics and schismatics, that et schismaticis : ut Deus et

Lord God would be Dominus noster eruat eos pleased to deliver them from ab erroribus universis : et all their errors, and call them ad sanctam matrem Eccleback to our Holy Mother the siam Catholicam atque AposCatholicand Apostolic Church. tolicam revocare dignetur.




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The Deacon : Let us kneel The Deacon: Flectamus down.

genua. The Subdeacon : Stand up The Subdeacon : Levate. again.

O Almighty and eternal Omnipotens sempiterne God, who savest all and Deus, qui salvas omnes, et wouldst have none to perish; neminem vis perire : respice look down on those souls that ad animas diabolica fraude

deceptas : ut omni hæretica are seduced by the deceits of pravitate deposita, erran- the devil ; that the hearts of tium corda resipiscant, et ad all those who err, laying aside veritatis tuæ redeant unita- all heretical malice, may retem. Per Dominum. pent and return to the unity

of the truth. Through, dc. R. Amen.

B. Amen. Oremus et pro perfidis Let us pray also for the Judæis : ut Deus et Domi- perfidious Jews ; that the nus noster auferat velamen Lord God would withdraw de cordibus eorum, ut et the veil from their hearts, ipsi agnoscant Jesum Chris- that they also may acknowtum Dominum nostrum. ledge our Lord Jesus Christ

thy Son. Here, the Deacon does not invite the Faithful to kneel. The Church has no hesitation in offering up a "Prayer” for the descendants of Jesus' executioners, but, in doing so, she refrains from genuflecting: because this mark of adoration was turned by the Jews into an insult against our Lord during the Passion. She prays for his scoffers; but she shrinks from repeating the act wherewith they scoffed him.

Omnipotens sempiterne O Almighty and Eternal Deus, qui etiam Judaicam God, who deniest not thy perfidiam a tua misericor- mercy even to the perfidious dia non repellis : exaudi Jews ; ḥear our prayers which preces nostras, quas pro il- we pour forth for the blindIius populi obcæcatione de- ness of that people ; that by ferimus : ut agnita veritatis acknowledging the light of thy tuæ luce, quæ Christus est, truth, which is the Christ, they a suis tenebris eruantur. may be brought out of their Per eumdem Dominum. darkness. Through the same,

&c. B. Amen.

R. Amen. Oremus et pro paganis : Let us pray also for the ut Deus omnipotens auferat pagans, that Almighty God iniquitatem a cordibus eo- would remove all iniquity rum: ut relictis idolis suis, from their hearts; that quitconvertantur ad Deum vi- ting their idols, they may be vum et verum, et unicum converted to the true and liv. Filium ejus Jesum Chris- ing God, and his only Son, tum, Deum et Dominum Jesus Christ our Lord. nostrum.



The Deacon: Let us kneel The Deacon: Flectamus down.

genua. The Subdeacon: Stand up The Subdeacon: Levate. again.

O Almighty and Eternal Omnipotens sempiterne God, who seekest not the Deus, qui non mortem pecdeath of sinners, but that they catorum, sed vitam semper should live ; mercifully hear inquiris : suscipe propitius our prayers, and deliver them orationem nostram : et lifrom their idolatry : and, to bera eos ab idolorum cul. the praise and glory of thy tura : et aggrega Ecclesiæ name, admit them into thy tuæ sanctæ, ad laudem et holy Church. Through, &c. gloriam Nominis tui. Per

Dominum, R. Amen.

R. Amen.

THE VENERATION OF THE CROSS. The “Prayers" are ended. The charity and zeal of the Church have embraced the whole universe of men, invoking upon them the merciful effusion of that precious Blood, which is now flowing from the Wounds of her Crucified Lord. She turns next to her faithful Children. Filled with holy indignation at the humiliations heaped upon her Jesus, she invites us to an act of solemn reparation : it is to consist in our venerating that Cross, which our Divine Lord has borne to the summit of Calvary, and to which he is to be fastened with nails The Cross is a stumbling-block to the Jews, and foolishness to the Gentiles ;' but to us Christians, it is the trophy of Jesus' victory, and the instrument of the world's Redemption. It is worthy of our deepest veneration, because of the honour conferred upon it by the Son of God :-he consecrated it by his own Blood, he worked our salvation by its means. No time could be more appropriate than this for the honouring it with the humble tribute of our veneration.

11. Cor. i. 23.

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