Be merciful to us, graciously Propitius esto, exaudi nos hear us, O Lord.

Domine. From all

' evil, deliver us, 0 Ab omni malo, libera nos Lord.

Domine. From all sin, deliver us, 0 Ab omni peccato, libera Lord.

nos Domine. From everlasting death, A morte perpetua, libera nos

Domine. Through the mystery of thy Per mysterium sanctæ Inholy Incarnation,

carnationis tuæ, libera nos

Domine. Through thy Coming, Per Adventum tuum, libera

nos Domine. Through thy Nativity, Per Nativitatem tuam, li

bera nos Domine. Through thy Baptism and Per Baptismum et sanctum holy Fasting,

Jejunium tuum, libera nos

Domine. Through thy Cross and Pas- Per Crucem et Passionem sion,

tuam, libera nos Domine. Through thy Death and Per Mortem et SepultuBurial,

ram tuam, libera nos Do

mine. Through thy holy Resurrec-. Per sanctam Resurrectiotion,

nem tuam, libera nos Do

mine. Through thy admirable As- Per admirabilem Ascencension,

sionem tuam, libera nos

Domine. Through the coming of the Per adventum Spiritus Holy Ghost the Comforter, Sancti Paracliti, libera nos

Domine. In the day of Judgment, In die Judicii, libera nos

Domine. We sinners, we beseech thee, Peccatores, te rogamus audi That thou spare us, we be- Ut nobis parcas, te rogaseech thee, hear us.

mus audi nos. That thou vouchsafe to govern Ut Ecclesiam tuam sancand

preserve thy holy tam regere et conservare Church,

digneris, te rogamus audi That thou vouchsafe to pre- Utdomnum Apostolicum, et

serve our Apostolic Prelate, omnes Ecclesiasticos Órand all Ecclesiastical Or- dines, in sancta religione ders, in holy religion,

conservare digneris, te rogamus audi nos.

hear us.



Ut inimicos sanctæ Eccle- That thou vouchsafe to hum

siæ humiliare digneris, te ble the enemies of thy holy rogamus audi nos.

Church, Ut regibus et principibus That thou vouchsafe to give

christianis pacem et veram peace and true concord to concordiam donare digne- Christian Kings and Prinris, te rogamus audi nos.

ces, Ut nosmetipsos in tuo sanc- That thou vouchsafe to streng

to servitio confortare then and preserve us in thy et conservare digneris, te holy service, rogamus audi nos. Ut omnibus benefactoribus That thou render eternal good

nostris sempiterna bona things to all our benefacretribuas, te rogamus audi tors,


Ut fructus terræ dare et That thou vouchsafe to give

conservare digneris, te ro- and preserve the fruits of gamus audi nos.

the earth, Ut omnibus fidelibus de- That thou vouchsafe to give

functis requiem æternam eternal rest to all the Faithdonare digneris, te roga

ful departed, mus audi nos. Ut nos exaudire digneris, That thou vouchsafe graciouste rogamus audi nos.

ly to hear us, Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- O Lamb of God, who takest cata mundi, parce nobis away the sins of the world, Domine.

spare us, O Lord. Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- O Lamb of God, who takest cata mundi, exaudi nos away the sins of the world, Domine.

graciously hear us, O Lord. Agnus Dei, qui tollis pec- O Lamb of God, who takest cata mundi, miserere no- away the sins of the world, bis.

have mercy on us. Christe audi nos.

Christ, hear us. Christe exaudi nos.

Christ, graciously hear us.


The solemn Litany is drawing to its end, and the Choir has already begun its closing invocation, the Kyrie eleison ! The Pontiff comes forth from the Secretarium, with all the pomp that marks the principal Feasts of the Church. The chant becomes more majestic, and lingers on the brief words of supplication. Kyrie eleison !-thrice to the Father : Christe eleison !-thrice to the Son: Kyrie eleison !

thrice to the Holy Ghost. During this time, the Bishop is reciting, at the foot of the Altar, the usual Psalm and Prayers; and then, ascending to the Altar, he offers the homage of Incense to the Most High. Hence, an Introit, which, on other occasions, is sung by the Choir during the Procession from the Secretarium to the Altar, is not needed.

The Morning-star has blended its rays with those of our Paschal Candle, as the Deacon prayed might be; but now, the Morning-star itself begins to pale, for the Star of Day,—the figure of our Jesus, the Sun of Justice, is soon to rise. The assembly of the Faithful people,—the men on the right, the women on the left,-is now greater than it was at first. The space near the doors, for Catechumens, is vacant. In a prominent part of the aisles, we see the Neophytes, with their White Robe, and Bandlet, and lighted taper in their hands.

The censing of the Altar is finished : and then,O glorious triumph of our Risen Jesus !

-the Pontiff sings forth, in a transport of joy: Gloria in excelsis Deo! The hitherto silent Bells peal to the glad Angelic Hymn. The enthusiasm of our holy Faith has mastered every heart, making it beat with emotion. The people take up the heavenly Canticle, and continue it to the end ; and then the Bishop sings the following Prayer for the newly Baptised :


O God, who enlightenest Deus, qui hanc sacratis. this most sacred night, by the simam noctem gloria Domiglory of the Resurrection of nicæ Resurrectionis illusthe Lord; preserve in the new tras : conserva in nova famioffspring of thy family the liæ tuæ progenie adoptionis spirit of adoption thou hast Spiritum quem dedisti : ut

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corpore et mente renovati, given them; that being repuram tibi exhibeant servi- newed in body and soul, they tutem. Per eumdem Domi- may serve thee with purity of

heart. Through the same, &c.


After the Collect, the Subdeacon ascends the Epistle Ambo, and chants these impressive words, that are addressed by the great_Apostle to the Neophytes, who have just risen, by Baptism, with Christ.


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Lectio Epistolæ beati Pauli Lesson of the Epistle of Saint
Apostoli ad Colossenses. Paul the Apostle to the

Cap. 111.

Ch. III.
Fratres, si consurrexistis Brethren : if you be risen
cum Christo, quæ sursum with Christ, seek the things
sunt quærite, ubi Christus that are above, where Christ
est in dextera Dei sedens; is sitting at the right hand
quæ sursum sunt sapite, of God: mind the things
quæ super terram. that

above, not the Mortui enim estis : et vita things that are upon the earth. vestra est abscondita cum For you are dead ; and your Christo in Deo. Cum autem life is hid with Christ in God. Christus apparuerit vita ve- When Christ shall appear, stra : tunc et vos apparebi- who is your life; then you alsó tis cum ipso in gloria. shall appear with him in glory.



goes to

Having chanted these few, but telling, words, the Subdeacon comes down from the Ambo, and the Bishop's throne. He bows before the Pontiff, and thus addresses him; and as he speaks, the souls of the Faithful, yea, the very walls of the Church, echo with the joyful tidings: “Venerable Father ! I bring “you tidings of great joy: it is the Alleluia !The Bishop rises, and, filled with holy ardour, intones the Alleluia to the well known melody. The Choir repeats it after him. Thrice, (and, each time, with an increase of joy,) is the heavenly word interchanged between the Pontiff and the Choir. At

this moment, all mournfulness is at an end. One feels that God has accepted the expiatory works of our Lent; and that, by the merits of his Son now Risen from the Grave, he pardons our earth, since he permits us to hear once more the Song of Heaven. The Choir subjoins this verse of the Psalm, which celebrates the mercy of Jehovah.

Praise the Lord, for he is Confitemini Domino quogood : for his mercy endureth niam bonus : quoniam in for ever.

sæculum misericordia ejus. But there is still wanting something to the joy of our Easter. Jesus has risen from the Tomb; but, so far, he has not shown himself to all. His Blessed Mother, Magdalene, and the other holy women, are the only ones who have as yet seen him: it is not till the evening, that he will appear to his Apostles. We have but just begun the Day. Therefore it is, that the Church once more offers her praise to her God, under the Lenten formula of the Tract.


Praise the Lord all ye na

Laudate Dominum omtions; join in his praise, all nes gentes : et collaudate ye people.

eum omnes populi. V. For his mercy is confirmed W. Quoniam confirmata upon us; and the truth of the est super nos misericordia Lord remaineth for ever. ejus : et veritas Domini

manet in æternum.

Whilst the Choir is singing this Psalm to a melody, which has something of mournfulness about it, the Deacon goes to the Ambo, from which he is to chant the Gospel. The Acolytes do not accompany him with their torches, but the Thurifer goes with him, as usual, with the Incense. Here again we have an allusion to the events which took place on this great morning :—the Women went to the Sepulchre, carrying sweet spices with them, but the light of

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