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" ... aware of time when we do not distinguish any change (the mind appearing to abide in a single indivisible and undifferentiated state), whereas if we perceive and distinguish changes, then we say that time has elapsed, it is clear that time cannot be... "
The Physical Basis of The Direction of Time - ˹ 11
H. Dieter Zeh - 2007 - 233 ˹
ҧǹͧ˹ѧ - ǡѺ˹ѧ

Absolute or relative motion ? : a study from a Machian point of view of the ...

Julian B. Barbour - 1989 - 746 ˹
...with the same instinct that told him the heavens truly rotate. His conclusion is:67 'Plainly, then, time is neither identical with movement nor capable of being separated from it.' However, his tendency to the concrete reasserts itself when he considers the question of measurement,...
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