The Restoration Covenant: Noah: Mankind's Second Chance

iUniverse, 2002 - 136 ˹
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Noah was a man of his time. He faced the same temptations and urges as his neighbors, but with a difference. He resisted those urges. Instead of seeking instant gratification, Noah was willing to wait. He knew that the violence and wickedness around him brought no one any lasting pleasure, as Cain had clearly illustrated. Violence bred more violence, until all hope of security and peace was lost. Those who tried to resist it were either seduced into it or killed, until only one righteous man remained. If God were going to salvage mankind, Noah was Gods last hope.

This Bible study is designed to bring Noahs struggles and conflicts into your living room and into your heart. You may rejoice with his victories and cry with his defeats, but most importantly, learn from his life. Gods commands were heart wrenching. How could Noah willingly participate in Gods plan? His obedience would bring death to his family, friends and society! Almost everyone and everything he ever knew would be lost! How could he live through such a great personal loss?

Gather your friends together. This is an experience you will want to share. Noahs legacyit is a story to remember.


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The Noahide Covenant Outline
Covenant Structure

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