Buffalo Medical Journal and Monthly Review, 13


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˹ 574 - That although eggs were used in these small experiments, on account of their convenience, bullock's blood, if to be had, is equally good ; and the milk of lime alone will answer the purpose ; in the latter case, however, more constant and prolonged skimming will be required to produce a perfect clarification, which is highly important.
˹ 90 - INDIGENOUS RACES OF THE EARTH ; or. New Chapters of Ethnological Inquiry: including Monographs on Special Departments of Philology, Iconography, Cranioscopy, Palaeontology, Pathology, Archaeology, Comparative Geography, and Natural History, contributed by Alfred Maury, Francis Pulszky, and J. Aitken Meigs, MD ; presenting Fresh Investigations, Documents, and Materials, by JC NOTT, MD, and GEO.
˹ 308 - Hall made his researches into the effects of the loss of blood, the result of which was embodied in a paper read before the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society in 1824.
˹ 61 - ... recommended to private instructors and to the Medical Colleges " Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed by the Committee on Nominations, as a Special Committee, to be composed of members who are in no respect connected with any Medical School, to devise a System of Medical Lmtructiuii, to be presented for the consideration of this Association at its annual Session in 1858.
˹ 162 - ... have not. At the time of the formation of the Academy, I believe all the homoeopathic physicians of the city were members of the county medical society, as were also the physicians who formed the Academy. The county society has power to prosecute any member against whom specific charges are preferred of gross ignorance or misconduct in his profession, or of immoral conduct or habits...
˹ 311 - Labour was to his restless and indomitable spirit a necessity. Even now, when we are recording the death of this illustrious and lamented physician, there is a volume in the press, a recent effort of his prolific mind ; and until within two months before his dissolution, the mental energies of this extraordinary man were engaged in preparing for publication, in THE LANCET, a series of papers, entitled, " THE COMPLETE PHYSIOLOGY OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM.
˹ 306 - In that genial atmosphere, then, did Marshall Hall first imbibe that enthusiastic love of science which has been his most marked characteristic. With youthful impetuosity he plunged into the study of chemistry. Not content with merely assimilating the accepted doctrines of the science, he boldly endeavored to push its boundaries farther. With wonderful power of generalization for so young a man, and with such small materials as then existed for the purpose, Dr. Marshall Hall pointed out that there...
˹ 305 - Death, that most unsparing of tyrants, has exacted from the greatest physiologist of the age the last debt of nature. Slowly, surely and relentlessly, disease has been undermining the earthly tabernacle of a mind which, for vast powers, high purposes, and indomitable energy, has found no superior in its native land in the present halfcentury. On Tuesday last, the llth inst., Dr. Marshall Hall died at Brighton, aged 67 years.
˹ 211 - It consists in the occurrence of a series of inspirations, increasing to a maximum, and then declining in, force and length, until a state of apparent apncea is established. In this condition the patient may remain for such a length of time as to make his attendants believe that he is dead, when a low inspiration, followed by one more decided, marks the commencement of a new ascending and then descending series of inspirations.
˹ 188 - And forty days were fulfilled for him; for so are fulfilled the days of those which are embalmed: and the Egyptians mourned for him threescore and ten days.