Remarks on Diabetes Especially with Reference to Treatment

Lewis, 1871 - 122 ˹

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˹ 123 - Russia. A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF CHILDREN. Translated and Edited by H. RAPHAEL, MD From the Fourth German Edition, illustrated by six lithographic plates, part coloured, large 8vo, i8s.
˹ 122 - Principles to be observed for the preservation of Health in Tropical Climates and Malarious Districts.
˹ 121 - Director of the Medical Clinic of the University of Tubingen. Translated from the Eighth German Edition, by special permission of the Author, By GEORGE H. HUMPHREYS, MD...
˹ 123 - Of Dr. Vogel, as a medical practitioner, we would only say that he seems to belong to the comparatively small class of physicians who, when they give a medicine, have a clear notion of the effects which they desire it to produce." Brit.