A Treatise on Epidemic Cholera

Lindsay & Blakiston, 1855 - 286 ˹

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˹ 272 - ... lemonade, acid liquors of all descriptions, and ardent spirits. Great moderation, both in food and drink, is absolutely essential to safety during the whole duration of the epidemic period. One single act of indiscretion has, in many instances, been followed by a speedy and fatal attack. The intervals between the meals should not be long, cholera being uniformly found to prevail with extraordinary intensity among the classes that observe the protracted fasts common in...
˹ 273 - ... conclusion, the General Board of Health would again urge the consideration, that whatever is preventive of cholera is equally preventive of typhus and of every other epidemic and constantly recurring disease ; and would earnestly call the attention of all classes to the striking and consoling fact that, formidable as this malady is in its intense form and developed stage, there is no disease against which it is in our power to take such effectual precaution, both as collective communities and...