The Jacksonville Norsemen Society or Tyranny and Reprisal

Author House, 1 .. 2008 - 328 ˹

If you have ever had a boss you did not care for, you will appreciate The Jacksonville Norsemen Society or Tyranny and Reprisal, a fictitious story about two rival social clubs: the Jacksonville Jackalopes comprised of the upper crust business owners and the Jacksonville Norsemen Society (a good old boys club) comprised of the working man and woman.

The friction between the two clubs focuses on a large horn that hangs on the porch of the Jacksonville Norsemen Societys Lodge. The horn is used to call out and inform the members when the lodge is open. The Jackalopes detest the horn and have made several unsuccessful attempts to buy, steal or outlaw the use of it. Finally, out of desperation, the Jackalopes decide to infiltrate the Norsemen with one of their own. The infiltrator is to encourage the Jacksonville Norsemen to use credit. Once the debt load is so high that there is no way they can pay the bill the Jackalopes will foreclose and shut down the Jacksonville Norsemen permanently and get rid of that horn!

Mr. Demand Deville, the owner of the Mountain High Chemical Company, which employs a large percent of the Jacksonville Norsemen, who rules his business like a tyrant, volunteers to use his clout to force entry into the rival club. The Norsemen reluctantly agree to allow a six month trial membership for Mr. Deville after an initiation.

In the meantime, the Norsemen get wind of the developing plot the Jackalopes have named Operation Sink the Norsemen. Rather than canceling the entry of Mr. Deville, they decide to use the initiation as a way to get even. Not only for the dirty trick planned by the Jackalopes, but for all of the years of his tyranny.

Revenge can be so sweet. What would you do to your boss if you thought you could get away with it? Climb on board and enjoy the ride.


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Orlo James Goodson, born March 7, 1952, in Ogden, Utah. I started writing skits for community road shows in my grade school years. I also started producing paper Mache headpieces for costumes at about the same time. By high school I organized my own theater group that presented short skits, pantomimes and monologues, to charity groups all over Davis County, Utah. I wrote the plays, directed them, acted in them and booked the shows. I was invited into Who's Who in Utah High School Drama, although I never accepted the invitation. I lettered in drama and received the Thespian Guild award for the most outstanding student in theater over the four years at Davis High School. I spent two years on an LDS Mission in Northern California 1971-1973. I returned home to Utah, entered college at Weber State College, studied Sales and Marketing, transferred to Brigham Young University to study motion picture, television and radio production in the College of Fine Arts and Communications. I met Maxine Corson and changed her name to Maxine Goodson in 1975. We now have six children, three sons and three daughters and two grandchildren. We had three of our six children before we graduated from BYU and the fourth one about a year afterwards. It was at this time that I experimented with film production, single cell animation and radio production and started writing screen plays. In 1978 I finished the Scorpion. I rewrote the Scorpion in 1990-91. In 1985 I wrote To Zion. In 1986 I wrote the Miners and the Devils. In roughly the same period of time that I rewrote the Scorpion in 1990-91, I wrote the Jacksonville Norseman Society, or Tyranny and Reprisal. I rewrote the Jacksonville Norseman Society, or Tyranny and Reprisal in January of 2006. Somewhere in this same time frame, back in the early 1990's, I wrote the USS Texicana and the Great Lacon. In 1995 I started work on the Star Trek Wars and the Man of the Spectrum. I finished it up in late summer of 2005. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University in 1980. I graduated with a Technical Degree in Machining from the Davis Applied Technology Center in Kaysville, Utah, in 1993. In approximately 2005 I started taking classes at the Utah Valley State College in Orem, Utah, in computer animation, multi-track recording and basically upgrading my education to be able to use computers to do what I trained to do at BYU. While there, in the Spring of 2006, I produced an audio dramatized book of the Jacksonville Norseman Society or Tyranny and Reprisal. I am also self-publishing both the Scorpion and the Jacksonville Norseman Society or Tyranny and Reprisal in 2006. Over the years I've also been to school to become an Insurance Agent, which I did for a time, and a Real Estate Agent, which I currently am. As well, I've been a Traveling Salesman, I've driven long-haul trucking, I've worked as a machinist in a number of shops, and I've made everything from parts for nuclear reactors to the spy satellites to molds for bowling balls. And it's been an interesting life. My wife and I have been married now for 31 years and it's been, for the most part, an enjoyable experience.