The Works of Laurence Sterne: With a Life of the Author, 2

William Durell, 1813

Դ繨ҡ - ¹Ԩó

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˹ 106 - The blood and spirits of Le Fevre, which were waxing cold and slow within him, and were retreating to their last citadel, the heart, rallied back...
˹ 104 - The Accusing Spirit, which flew up to heaven's chancery with the oath, blushed as he gave it in, and the Recording Angel, as he wrote it down, dropped a tear upon the word, and blotted it out for ever.
˹ 99 - I believe, an' please your reverence, said I, that when a soldier gets time to pray, he prays as heartily as a parson, though not with all his fuss and hypocrisy. Thou shouldst not have said that, Trim, said my uncle Toby, for God only knows who is a hypocrite, and who is not: At the great and general review of us all, corporal, at the day of judgment (and not till then) it will be seen who has done their duties in this world, and who has not; and we shall be advanced, Trim, accordingly....
˹ 232 - Just Disposer of our joys and sorrows, cried I, why could not a man sit down in the lap of content here and dance, and sing, and say his prayers, and go to heaven with this nut-brown maid? Capriciously did she bend her head on one side, and dance up insidious Then 'tis time to dance off...
˹ 231 - A sun-burnt daughter of Labour rose up from the group to meet me, as I advanced towards them; her hair, which was a dark chestnut approaching rather to a black, was tied up in a knot, all but a single tress. We want a cavalier...
˹ 66 - Every thing in this world, said my father, is big with jest, and has wit in it, and instruction too, if we can but find it out.
˹ 95 - ... twill be enough to give your honour your death, and bring on your honour's torment in your groin.
˹ 101 - In saying this, he drew a little ring out of his bosom, which seemed tied with a black ribband about his neck, and kissed it twice - Here, Billy, said he, - the boy flew across the room to the bedside - and falling down upon his knee, took the ring in his hand, and kissed it too, - then kissed his father, and sat down upon the bed and wept. I wish, said my uncle Toby, with a deep sigh, - I wish, Trim, I was asleep.
˹ 105 - Fever, said my uncle Toby, to my house, and we'll send for a doctor to see what's the matter, and we'll have an apothecary, and the corporal shall be your nurse ; and I'll be your servant, Le Fever.
˹ 101 - I wish," said my Uncle Toby, with a deep sigh, " I wish, Trim, I was asleep." "Your honour," replied the corporal, "is too much concerned; shall I pour your honour out a glass of sack to your pipe ? " " Do, Trim,