A Handbook of Therapeutics

H.K. Lewis, 1882 - 713 ˹

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˹ 714 - GURDON BUCK, MD CONTRIBUTIONS TO REPARATIVE SURGERY; showing its Application to the Treatment of Deformities, produced by Destructive Disease or Injury; Congenital Defects from Arrest or Excess of Development; and Cicatricial Contractions from Burns. Illustrated by numerous Engravings, large 8vo, gs.
˹ 715 - A THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL TREATISE ON MIDWIFERY INCLUDING THE DISEASES OF PREGNANCY AND PARTURITION. Revised and Annotated by S. TARNIER. Translated from the Seventh French Edition by WR BULLOCK, MD Royal 8vo, over noo pages, 175 Illustrations, 30s.
˹ 715 - AFFECTIONS OF THE HEART AND IN ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD. Cases, Aphorisms, and Commentaries. Illustrated by the heliotype process. 8vo, 6s 6d. JOHN EAGLE. Member of the Pharmaceutical Society. A NOTE-BOOK OF SOLUBILITIES. Arranged chiefly for the use of Prescribers and Dispensers.
˹ 715 - JOHN COCKLE, MA, MD Physician to the Royal Free Hospital. ON INTRA-THORACIC CANCER, 8vo, 4s. 6d. WH CORFIELD, MA, MD oxON. Professor of Hygiene and Public Health in University College, London. DWELLING HOUSES: THEIR SANITARY CONSTRUCTION AND ARRANGEMENTS.
˹ 713 - A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL USES OF ELECTRICITY. Including Localized and General Faradization ; Localized and Central Galvanization ; Electrolysis and Galvano-Cautery.