An Annual
Encyclopedia of the Negro



Director Department of Records
and Research Tuskegee Normal
and Industrial Institute EDITOR

Published by the
Negro Year Book Publishing Co.

Tuskegee Institute, Alabama

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Tuskegee Institute



Copyright 1925

The Tuskegee Institute


THE NEGRO YEAR BOOK for 1925-1926 is the seventh edition. The historical material contained in previous editions has been revised and added to, thus bringing it down to date. A large amount of new material is also presented, a great deal of which interprets the attitude of the Negro. This matter is compiled from every available source and has been supplemented by the researches of the Editor, especially with reference to the progress of the group, migration, the Negro in politics, the Negro in Africa, race consciousness and race relations.

THE NEGRO YEAR BOOK continues to be the standard work of reference on all matters relating the Negro. It is the most extensively used compendium of information on this subject. Its circulation extends to every part of the United States, to Canada, the West Indies, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

THE NEGRO YEAR BOOK provides, in an inexpensive form, a succinct, comprehensive and impartial review of the events which affect the interests and indicate the progress Negroes are making. It furnishes a compact but comprehensive statement of historical and statistical facts arranged for ready reference. It is a permanent record of current events and at the same time an encyclopaedia of historical and sociological facts.

Especial attention is called to the bibliographical section which contains the most extended and comprehensive bibliography which has been put out on the Negro in the United States. This bibliography has been topically arranged so as to be helpful to the student who wishes to pursue further the investigation of any particular subject.

The 1925-1926 NEGRO YEAR BOOK, in addition to its interest for the general reader, its usefulness in the study of the Negro by Mission Study classes, Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. classes and literary clubs, is especially adapted for use in schools where sociological and historical courses on the Negro are given.

The price of the NEGRO YEAR BOOK, postpaid, is paper cover, $1.00; board cover, $1.50. Special rates to agents.




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Julius Rosenwald Fund Schoolhouse Construction Map..
Per Cent Negroes Total Population..
Black and Mulatto Elements in Negro Population.
Migration of Negro Population.-
Counties Having Negro Population of Fifty Per Cent or More

Per Cent White and Negro Children in School and Out.
Investment in Public School Property for Whites and Negroes
Classification of Negro Students in Higher, Secondary and Private Schools
Annual Expenditures in United States for all Education and for Negro

Investments in United States in all School Plants and in School Plants

and Equipments for Negroes.
Endowment or Productive Funds for all and for Negro Institutions.
Increase in Kinds of Negro Businesses, 1866-1926.-.
Declining Mortality of White and Colored Persons in Recent Years.
Tuberculosis Death Rate Among White and Colored Persons.
Syphilis Mortality Among Insured Wage Earners.
Mortality Among White and Colored Children..
Principal Causes of Death Among White and Colored Persons.
Life Span of the American and Canadian Industrial Populations



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