Understanding Minority-Serving Institutions

Marybeth Gasman, Benjamin Baez, Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner
SUNY Press, 13 .. 2008 - 349 ˹
Understanding Minority-Serving Institutions explores these important institutions while also highlighting their interconnectedness, with the hope of sparking collaboration among the various types. Minority-serving institutions (MSIs) enroll and graduate the majority of students of color in the United States and traditionally include historically Black colleges and universities, Hispanic-serving institutions, tribal colleges, and more recently Asian American and Pacific Islanderserving institutions. The books contributors focus on several issues, including institutional mission, faculty governance, student engagement, social justice, federal policy, and accreditation. They critically analyze the scholarship on MSIs, not only describing the existing research and stressing what is missing, but also providing new lines of thought for additional research.

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ǡѺ (2008)

Marybeth Gasman is Assistant Professor of Higher Education at the University of Pennsylvania.

Benjamin Baez is Associate Professor of Higher Education at Florida International University.

Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner is Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and Lincoln Professor of Ethics and Education at Arizona State University.