Lindsay & Blakiston, 1871 - 89 ˹

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˹ 63 - The patient was apparently in articulo mortis; her limbs were cold, her body in a state of deathly clammy sweat ; the face was livid, no pulse could be felt at the wrist, and a mere fluttering was heard when the ear was placed over the region of the heart. Brandy and ether had been tried without any good effect, and as dissolution was imminent, it was determined to try digitalis.
˹ 6 - On the contrary, the administration of digitalis was followed by the most marked results, when aconite had been given, and the ventricle had become gradually more and more distended, and its contractions more and more imperfect, each contraction merely expelling a small quantity of blood off the top of the distended ventricle, the contractions becoming slower and slower, and less and less perfect, until a condition of advanced dilatation had been artificially produced ; and even when the heart seemed...
˹ 83 - The amount of urine in my own case was markedly diminished during the period of intoxication, when the gastro-intestinal canal was most affected : and in the case of Daniel G., when the pulse was most affected, it fell from an average of between 40 and 50 oz.
˹ 84 - Withering having been accepted without discussion ; and that the diuresis, which often follows when an amelioration of the condition of the circulation has been produced by it in organic disease of the heart, is only a mediate effect resulting from the return of the circulation to its normal condition.