Allgemeine Missions-Zeitschrift, 20

M. Warneck., 1893


Դ繨ҡ - ¹Ԩó

辺Ԩó 觢ŷ

Ѻ - ٷ


˹ 234 - arranged according to the Wu-Fang Yuen Tin, with the pronunciation of the characters as heard in Peking, Canton, Amoy and Shanghai.
˹ 226 - In which are treated the Standard Hindi, Braj and the Eastern Hindi of the Kamayan of Tulsi Das; also the Colloquial Dialects of
˹ 83 - 250 words and sentences in 48 languages and dialects spoken south of the Equator and additional words in 19 languages with linguistic map;
˹ 226 - A descriptive catalogue of Urdu Christian literature, with a review of the same and a supplementary catalogue of the Christian publications in the other languages of the
˹ 78 - Brief statement of the discovery of the Laws of the Vowels in Herero, bearing upon the origin and unity of Language
˹ 80 - of the Zulus in their own words with a Translation into English
˹ 80 - comprising a sketch of its history, which includes a general classification of South African dialects
˹ 78 - A Language Study, based on Bantu or an Inquiry into the Laws of Root Formation
˹ 78 - The Vowels their primeval laws and bearing upon the formation of roots in
˹ 79 - (Grammaire du dialecte Sessouto, suivie d'un recueil de poésies, de contes et de proverbes des Bassoutos)