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"List of members of the American Medical Association, by states, from its formation in 1846 to and including 1880. Compiled from the annual published minutes. By J. M. Toner, M.D.": 131 p. at end of v. 31.

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˹ 183 - Lords and Commons of England, consider what nation it is whereof ye are and whereof ye are the governors : a nation not slow and dull, but of a quick, ingenious, and piercing spirit, acute to invent, subtle and sinewy to discourse, not beneath the reach of any point the highest that human capacity can soar to.
˹ 211 - Congress, with leave to report by bill or otherwise," ask leave to report: That they have attended to the duty assigned them as assiduously as other duties would permit, and now submit to Congress, as the result of their deliberations, a resolution proposing amendments to the Constitution, and two bills, of which they recommend the adoption. Before proceeding to set forth in detail their reasons for the conclusion to...
˹ 33 - Resolved, That this Convention earnestly recommends to the members of the medical profession throughout the United States, to satisfy themselves, either by personal inquiry or written certificate of competent persons, before receiving young men into their offices as students, that they are of good moral character, and that they have acquired a good English education, a knowledge of natural philosophy and the elementary mathematical sciences, including geometry and algebra, and such an acquaintance,...
˹ 444 - Society in 1813, and of the Medical Society of the District of Columbia in 1821. In 1822, the honorary degree of Doctor of Medicine was conferred on him by the Medical Department of Harvard University. He...
˹ 408 - No person shall practice medicine or surgery, nor any of the branches thereof, nor in any case prescribe for the cure of diseases for fee or reward, unless he shall have been first licensed so to do in the manner hereinafter provided.
˹ 97 - The green plants, so called, and animalcule which evolve oxygen, are abundant in open waters in warm weather only, and of course when the capacity of water to retain air in solution is lowest ; so that, although oxygen is produced in open waters by these microscopic organisms, it does not increase the vigor of their action upon lead.
˹ 42 - On motion, the Report was accepted and referred to the Committee of Publication, and the resolutions were considered seriatim and adopted.
˹ 134 - He took the ordinary tubulated glass retort of the chemist, with a glass funnel having some filtering paper at the bottom.. In the bowl of the retort he placed a solution of the chloride of soda or lime. Into the glass funnel was put a weak solution of muriatic acid in water. As the dilute acid fell drop by drop into the bowl of the retort, chlorine was very gradually liberated, and breathed from the end of the instrument. The inhalation was continued for some minutes, and repeated two or three times...
˹ 325 - This would remove the scab, and display three small lobes, from which exuded a little purulent fluid. At first, the morbid growth seemed lessened by this and other milder applications, but no permanent effect was produced. At times, the discharge ceased, but only to return again, and the tumour gradually lost its tri-lobed aspect.
˹ 96 - Open waters, derived from rain-falls and surface-drainage, like ponds, lakes, rivers, and some springs ; and 2. Waters concealed from sunlight, and supplied by lixiviation through soils or rock, or both, of greater or less depth, such as wells and certain springs. "They differ, (a) in temperature ; well-water, through a large part of the...