Race and Reconciliation in South Africa: A Multicultural Dialogue in Comparative Perspective

William E. Van Vugt, G. Daan Cloete
Lexington Books, 2000 - 213 ˹
In the mid-1990s the Truth and Reconciliation Commission disclosed its findings on the awful reality of the apartheid era in South Africa. The Commission inspired scholars from Europe, North America, and South Africa to convene a group of their own, to investigate in multicultural, scholarly dialogue the history, theology, philosophy, and politics of race and reconciliation in South Africa. This volume is the product of that important dialogue. And while the focus is the particular environment of South Africa, the contributors work within a comparative perspective, using examples from other nations and cultures to explore that which makes South Africa unique. Ultimately, the book aims to offer not only a better understanding of the depth of injustice in South Africa's past, but also a deeper appreciation for the achievement of the present and the promise of the future--in South Africa and in every other multiethnic region in the world.

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South Africa and Pauls Letter to the Galatians A Struggle with Ethnicity and Race G Daan Cloete
British Immigration during the Nineteenth Century The American and South African Experience William E Van Vugt
The Chastening of the EnglishSpeaking Churches in South Africa John W De Gruchy
Ecclesiastical Racism and the Politics of Confession in the United States and South Africa R Drew Smith
Building a Pluralist Democracy An Examination of Religious Associations in South Africa and Zimbabwe Tracy Kuperus
The Church Partitioned or the Church Reconciled? South Africas Theological and Historical Dilemma H Russel Botman
Christian Scholarship for Reconciliation? The Free University of Amsterdam and Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education M Elaine ...
South Africas Bill of Rights Reconciliation and a Just Society Lourens M du Plessis
Multiculturalism How Can the Human World Live Its Difference? Johan Degenaar
EcoHuman Justice and WellBeing Lizo D Jaffa
Truth and Reconciliation The South African Experience Pieter Meiring
About the Contributors

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ǡѺ (2000)

William E. Van Vugt is Professor of History at Calvin College. G. Daan Cloete is Professor of New Testament at the University of the Western Cape.