405 students, and enlarged in 1892 when the enrollment was less than half the present attendance, is still the only gymnasium which the University possesses. They demand a club house for social purposes, such as the students of Pennsylvania, Harvard and Oxford already enjoy. They demand an auditorium in which they may all get seats at public lectures and addresses, from which more than half of them are now always excluded by the limitations of the largest assembly room on the campus. They demand dormitories or halls of residence and a dining hall on the campus-surely the most beautiful and romantic site in America-in which they may enjoy, along with reasonable provisions for their health and comfort, the inestimable advantage of social intercourse with fellow students and mutual education upder a common roof, instead of en. forced isolation in private houses with increasingly high prices for board and lodgings to which they are now condemned.

Cannot some of these wants be satisfied in 1907 when the University is to commemorate the centennial of its Founder's birth? Could a worthier offering be made to the noble spirit of Ezra Cornell?





The following new appointments were made for the year 19051906:

G. R. McDermott, Professor of Naval Architecture, promoted from

an assistant professorship (appointment to date from August 1,

1905), October 28, 1905. J. Moffatt, Lecturer on Moral Philosophy and Christian Ethics,

second term, October 3, 1905. L. Illmer, Instructor in Machine Design, October 10, 1905. A. Englert, Instructor in Machine Design, October 31, 1905. C. H. Tower, Instructor in Power Engineering (appointment to

date from November 1, 1905), December 5, 1905. W. C. Baker, Instructor in the Outdoor Art Course, December 19,

1905. W. S. Bryant, Clinical Instructor in Otology, December 27, 1905. I. C. Pettit, Instructor in Electrical Engineering, January 23, 1906. P. Hodge, Instructor in Physics, February 13, 1906. C. C. Waggoner, Instructor in Physics, promoted from an assistant

ship, February 13, 1906. A. L. Stewart, Instructor in Electrical Engineering, March 20, 1906. A. L. Magraw, Insructor in Experimental Electrical Engineering,

April 3, 1906. H. J. Schwartz, Clinical Instructor in Surgery, Department of Der

matology, May 2, 1906. M. C. Albrech, Assistant in Chemistry, October 3, 1905. C. W. Edgerton, Assistant in Botany, October 3, 1905. M. Harper, Assistant in Animal Husbandry, October 3, 1905. R. W. Curtis, Assistant in the Nature Study Department, October 3,

1905. R. C. Lawry, Assistant in the Poultry Department, October 10, 1905. C. M. DeVed, W. C. Capron, and H. L. Aller, Assistants in Machine

Design, October 10, 1905.
B. N. Howe, Assistant in Machine Shop, October 10, 1905.

H. S. Bush, Assistant in Wood Shop, October 10, 1905.
J. J. Frank, J. A. Black, and V. C. Daniels, Assistants in Chemistry,

October 10, 1905.
C. H. Tuck, Assistant in Oratory, October 10, 1905.
F. H. Thompson, Assistant in Wood Shop, October 17, 1905.
B. J. Finch and J. L. Jones, Assistants in Physical Culture, October

17, 1905. L. R. Geissler, Assistant in Psychology, October 17, 1905. G. W. Hosford, management of the Farmers' Reading Course,

October 17, 1905. P. Hayhurst and J. C. Bradley, Assistants in Entomology, October

31, 1906. M. Morse, Assistant in Chemistry, October 31, 1905. G. D. Brill, to take charge of the General Winter Agricultural

Courses, October 31, 1905. A. T. E. Olmsted, Assistant in Semitics, December 12, 1905. R. Hazen and S. Erdman, Demonstrators of Anatomy, December 27,

1905. G. E. Frazer, Assistant in Physical Culture, January 23, 1906. F. E. Lichtenthaeler, Assistant in Chemistry, February 13, 1906. L. B. Turner, Assistant in Machine Shop, February 13, 1906. C. W. Mann, Assistant in Soils, February 13, 1906. H. G. Burnham and 1. 0. Chormann, Assistants in Chemistry,

February 27, 1906. J. Fried, Assistant in Military Science, February 27, 1906. F. E. Gallagher, Assistant in Chemistry, March 13, 1906. J. H. Hathaway, Medical Examiner at the Gymnasium, March 13,

1906. C. F. Clark, Assistant Agronomist in Experiment Station, April 3,

1906. J. R. Pawling, Assistant in Histology and Eubryology, April 3, 1906. R. C. Gibbs and H. E. Carver, Assistants in Physics, April 17, 1906. H. C. Frey, Assistant Law Librarian, October 3, 1905. C. E. Cornell, Secretary of the New York State Veterinary College,

December 5, 1905.
W. W. Baldwin, jr., President's Secretary and University Publisher,
February 27, 1906.

G. P. Bristol, Director, October 3, 1905.
C. E. Bennett, Professor of Latin, January 23, 1906.

A. W. Boesche, Instructor in German, January 23, 1906.
G. L. Burr, Professor of History, January 23, 1906.
Mrs. A. B. Comstock, Lecturer in Nature Study, January 23, 1906.
A. D. Dean, Theory and Practice of Manual Training, January 23,

L. M. Dennis, Professor of Chemistry, January 23, 1906.
M. Dresbach, Instructor in Physiology, January 23, 1906.
C. R. Dryer, Physical Geography, January 23, 1906.
A. W. Farnham, Geography, January 23, 1906.
P. P. Gaehr, Instructor in Physics, January 23, 1906.
0. A. Gage, Instructor in Physics, January 23, 1906.
L. R. Geissler, Assistant in Psychology, January 23, 1906.
0. G. Guerlac, Assistant Professor of French, January 23, 1906.
A. R. Hill, Science of Education, January 23, 1906.
J. W. Jenks, Professor of Politics, January 23, 1906.
T. C. Mitchill, English (Composition and Rhetoric), January 23,

1905. C. S. Northup, Assistant Professor of English (Language), January

23, 1906. E. W. Olmsted, Assistant Professor of French, January 23, 1906. M. A. Pond, Instructor in Civil Engineering, January 23, 1906. E. L. Stevens, Science of Education, January 23, 1906. H. W. Thayer, German, January 23, 1906. C. Von Klenze, German, January 23, 1906. K. M. Wiegand, Instructor in Botany, January 23, 1906. H. W. Wright, Instructor in Philosophy, January 23, 1906. C. W. Furlong, Drawing and Design, January 23, 1906. G. W. Knox, Preacher and Lecturer, January 23, 1906. J. Vanderhoef, Assistant in Foundry, February 13, 1906. J. T. Williams, Instructor in Mechanical Drawing, February 27,

1906. R. Egbert, Assistant in Wood Shop, June 12, 1906.

The following new appointments were made for the year 1906– 1907 :

F. Thilly, Professor of Philosophy, April 28, 1906.
C. V. P. Young, Professor of Physical Culture and Director of the

Gymnasium, April 28, 1906.

E. E. Haskell, Director of the College of Civil Engineering and

Professor of Experimental Hydraulics, June 20, 1906. Jean Hebrard, Acting Professor of Design in the College of Archi

tecture, June 20, 1906. W. W. Rowlee, Professor of Botany, June 20, 1906. T. L. Lyon, Professor of Experimental Agronomy in the Federal

Experiment Station, June 20, 1906. C. L. Gibson, Professor of Clinical Surgery, June 20, 1906. P. R. Pope, Assistant Professor of German, promoted from an

instructorship, May 2, 1906. G. A. Everett, Assistant Professor of Elocution and Oratory (for

1906–1907), promoted from an instructorship, May 26, 1906. A. W. Browne, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, promoted from an instructorship, May 26, 1906. H. D. Reed, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Vertebrate

Zoology, promoted from an instructorship, May 26, 1906. E. W. Kemmerer, Assistant Professor of Political Economy (for

1906-1907), May 29, 1906. J. W. Gilmore, Assistant Professor of Agronomy and Superintend

ent of the Farms, June 5, 1906. H. H. Whetzel, Assistant Professor of Botany, June 5, 1906. A. D. McGillivray, Assistant Professor of Invertebrate Zoology, pro

moted from an instructorship, June 5, 1906. W. A. Riley, Assistant Professor of Entomology, promoted from an

Instructorship, June 5, 1906. L. Cooper, Assistant Professor of English, June 5, 1906. L. A. Darling and G. F. Blessing, Assistant Professors of Machine

Design, June 5, 1906. J. G. Needham, Assistant Professor of Limnology, June 12, 1906. 0. M. Leland, Assistant Professor of Astronomy and Geodesy, June

30, 1906. G. F. Warren, Assistant Professor of Agronomy, June 30, 1906. W. A. Stocking, Assistant Professor of Dairy Bacteriology, June 30,

1906. E. O. Fippin, Assistant Professor of Agronomy, with reference to

Soils, June 30, 1906. L. R. Brown, Clinical Instructor in Gynecology, May 15, 1906. H. C. Bailey and C. S. Gould, Clinical Instructors in Surgery, May

15, 1906. F. Pauls, Instructor in German, May 26, 1906. A. Gordon, Instructor in French, May 26, 1906.

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