Owing to delays caused by sundry legal complications, the executors of the will of Mr. Fiske have as yet been unable to transfer to the University the endowment fund bequeathed by him for the support of the Library, but it is hoped that we shall come into possession of this fund during the summer and that its income will be available for next year.

At the April meeting of the Board of Trustees, upon the recommendation of the University Faculty, the following action was taken:

Resolved, that the Library privileges as now enjoyed by seniors be extended to juniors, also that a subsidiary circulating library on open shelves be established for the promotion of the general culture of the whole student body.

At the May meeting of the Library Council the following resolutions were adopted :

Resolved, that the Library Council request the Trustees to make an appropriation of five thousand dollars for the purchase of books to give effect to the resolution adopted by the Trustees establishing a subsidiary circulating library,

Resolved; That the Council recommend that an appropriation of three thousand dollars be made by the Trustees for the purchase of books for the Reading Room in Goldwin Smith Hall.

These resolutions were duly transmitted to the Trustees and await their action.

In the first term of the year Mr. Austen gave his regular course of lectures on the use of books which was followed by a course of instruction in practical work during the second term. In the second term the Librarian gave his regular course of lectures on general bibliography. The annual record of publications by the University and its officers has been prepared by Miss Dame and the list of donors accompanying this report has been prepared by Miss Thornberg.

Respectfully submitted,





Under the Auspices of the University



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