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To the President of the University :

SIR : I have the honor to submit herewith my annual report on the University library for the year ending June 30th, 1907.

Though the final settlement of the estate of Willard Fiske has not yet been made, the executors of the estate have, during this year, paid over to the Treasurer of the University in round numbers $488,000 on the principal account and $25,000 of income on the library endowment bequeathed by Mr. Fiske. The payments still to be made will undoubtedly raise this fund somewhat above $500,000. Under Mr. Fiske's will the income of $61,000 of the fund must be applied to the increase, care, etc., of the Icelandic, Petrarch and Dante collections given by him to the library. The income of the remainder of the Fiske endowment (subject to certain annuities amounting at present to $4,200 yearly), by the terms of the will, is to be used for the uses and purposes of the library, without restriction to any specific purposes. Including the Sage endowment of $300,000, the income of which must be used for the increase of the library, the library will henceforth have an endowment of over $800,000, of which $361,ooo is designated for specific purposes. In view of the decline in the income of the Sage Fund, the constant expansion of the University, and the increasing number of books published, it would seem wise from the beginning to devote a considerable portion of the unrestricted income from the Fiske fund to the purchase of books. Only by so doing can we hope to keep the library abreast of the times and satisfy the urgent needs of the various departments of instruction.

The following table shows the additions made during the year to the various collections forming the University library and also its total present extent:

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Of the accessions to the general library, numbering 12,200 volumes, 3,177 volumes were gifts. In the accessions to the general library are included 374 volumes added to the various seminary and department collections. of the additions to the law library 75 volumes were gifts, as were also 15 volumes of the additions to the Flower library and 40 volumes of the additions to the Stimson Hall library.

Among the more important gifts of the year, mention may be made of the following: From Hobart C. Chatfield-Taylor, of the class of 1886, his interesting and valuable Molière collection, numbering one hundred and fifty volumes and comprising the works used by him in writing his Life of Molière ; from Dr. William Ewart, a set of his medical works; from the editors a set of the Homeopathic Eye and Ear Journal; from ex-President White, 185 volumes, and from Theodore Stanton, of the class of 1876, 491 volumes of general literature and history. From the national government and from various state and municipal governments the usual supply of federal, state, and municipal documents has been received. From the English, Canadian and Australian patent offices we have received their valuable publications. For the gifts here mentioned and for the many minor gifts received during the year, prompt acknowledg. ment of our thanks has been made to the respective donors.

Among the more important and costly works purchased during the year may be noted : Facsimiles of the Ambrosian codex of the Peshito Syriac version of the Old Testament, of the Vatican codex of Fronto, of the Vatican codex of Petrarch's Canzoniere, and of the Jenaer Liederhandschrift; Pavly's edition of the Babylonian Tal.

mud; the Mishnah with German translation ; Furtwängler's Aegina; Gerhard's Griechische Vasenbilder ; Cumont's Mystères de Mithra ; Venturi's Storia dell 'Arte Italiana; L'Architecture du Louvre et des Tuileries ; Rooses' Life of Rubens; Barado's Vida Militar en España; España sus monumentos y artes; Biblioteca Catalana; Biblioteca de Escritores Aragoneses ; Petrarch's Triumphs by Boyd ; Björnson's complete works; Moroni's Dizionario de erudizione storico-ecclesiastico ; Nuova Enciclopedia Italiana ; Minutes of the Common Council of New York 1675-1776; the Journals of the Legislative Council and of the Assembly of Jamaica for a considerable part of the 19th century; a collection of Parliamentary Papers relating to the West Indies for the period from 1835 to 1847; Watt's Dictionary of the Economic Products of India : Catesby's Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahamas; Richardson's Fauna Boreali. Americana; DeGeer's Histoire des Insectes; Boisduval de Chauffour's Histoire des Lépidoptères; Doubleday and Westwood's Diurnal Lepidoptera; Tutt's Natural History of British Lepidoptera; Houzeau and Lancaster's Bibliographie de l'Astronomie ; Loewy's Atlas photographique de la lune; Kayser's Spectroscopie ; Columbian Centinel 1793-1819; La Civilta Cattolica 1850–1891.

The purchases of the year also include complete sets of the Ana lecta Bollandiana, Revue Biblique, Revue de Synthèse Historique, Historisches Jahrbuch der Görres Gesellschaft, Atti della Reale Accademia delle Scienze di Torino, Library Association Record, NonSlaveholder, La Tradition, The Casket, Burton's Gentleman's Magazine, Grahami's Magazine, Bentley's Miscellany, Transactions of the Victoria Institute, Baumaterialienkunde, Zeitschrift für Schulgesundheitskunde, Hackney Stud-Book and Suffolk Stud-Book. The following sets have been completed : Mitteilungen aus den Grenzgebieten der Medizin, Biological Bulletin, New York Produce Review, New York Tribune, Journal of Theology, Journal des Savants, new series, Upsala University Aarsskrift, and the unabridged Philosophical Transactions from 1750 to 1799.

The work of the classification department, in the absence on, leave of Dr. A. C. White, for the latter part of the year has been in charge of Mr. W. W. Ellis, the curator of the shelves, who reports that all ordinary current accessions have been cared for. For the shelf department Mr. Ellis reports that in December the moving of certain collections of books to the new shelving under the readingroom was begun. On the upper floor of these new stacks were

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