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" Issued monthly except in July, August and September.”

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By Oficers In the present list are included the titles of books, pamphlets and contributions to periodicals, transactions, etc., published by officers and fellows of the University during the period extending from July 1, 1906, to June 30, 1907, with somie titles omitted in previous lists.

Adams, J. Q., jr. The authorship of two seventeenth century plays. (Modern Language Notes, May, 1907, vol. xxii., p. 135.)

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Education by means of agriculture. (Cornell Era, Dec., 1906, vol. xxxix., p. 105.)

I am that I am. (Cornell Countryman, Feb., 1907, vol. iv., p. 126.)

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The making of a modern farm. (Outlook, 25 Aug., 1906, vol. lxxxiii., p. 942.)

A rainy day, poem. (Century Magazine, March, 1907, vol. lxxiii., p. 694.)

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Lecture room switchboard. (Same, p. 333.)

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[Papers from the laboratory of W. D. Bancroft, published in the Jour. of Physical Chemistry, 1906-1907, vol. x.-xi.]

Vol. x. Electrolytic precipitation of bronzes, by B. E. Curry, p. 515; The constitution of the copper-tin alloys, by E. S. Shepherd and E. Blough, p. 630 ; Identification of solid phases, by L. F. Hawley, p. 654 ; Allotropic silver and its colors, by F. E. Gallagher, p. 701 ; Copper cathodes in nitric acid, by J. W. Turrentine, p. 715.

Vol. xi. Action of light on sulphur, by G. A. Rankin, p. 1; Equilibrium between ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, by J. P. Magnusson, p. 21; Manostats, by R. Stevenson, p. 107; Electrolytic precipitation of zinc, by R. C. Snowdon ; Polarization voltages in silver nitrate solutions ; by J. A. Wilkinson and H. W. Gillett.

Two of the above are also in Transactions of the Amer. Electrochemical Soc., 1906.

[Papers from the laboratory of W. D. Bancroft, published in the Transactions of the Amer. Electrochemical Soc., 1906, vol. ix.]

Laboratory resistance furnaces, by G. R. White, p. 143 ; Alternating current electrolysis with cadmium electrodes, by G. R. White, p. 305.

editor. The journal of physical chemistry, 1906-1907. Also about 30 book reviews in the Jour. of Physical Chemistry.

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pp. 12.

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associate editor. The psychological index, 1906.

See also Titchener, E. B., aud I. M. Bentley, editors. Cornell University studies in psychology.

Bingham, J. W. Professor Kales and common law remainders. (Michigan Law Review, May, 1907, vol. v., p. 497.)

Some suggestions concerning the law of fixtures. (Columbia Law Review, Jan., 1907, vol. vii., p. 1.)

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[Review of] Report of the International Committee on Analysis to the Sixth International Congress of Applied Chemistry at Rome, 1906. (Same, Aug., 1906, vol. xxviii., p. 1035.)

and M. J. Brown. A constant pressure gas generator for use over a wide range of pressure..- A new portable gas generator. (Same, June, 1907, vol. xxix.)

Also abstracts in Jour, of the Amer. Chemical Soc. and in Chemical Abstracts.

Bull, C. S. Auto-intoxication in relation to the eye. (Jour. of the Amer. Medical Assoc., 9, 23 Feb., 1907, vol. xlviii.)

A case of supposed glioma of the eyeball. (Medical Record, 8 Dec., 1906, vol. lxx., p. 928.)

Forms of choroiditis resembling the well-known syphilitic type. (British Medical Jour., 1906, vol. ii.,

p. 1854.) Miotics in glaucoma, discussion. (Jour. of the Amer. Medical Assoc., 23 Feb., 1907, vol. xlviii., p. 726.)

The post-operative history of sixty cases of chronic glaucoma : second series. (Transactions of the Amer. Opthalmological Soc., 1907, vol. xi.)

Rare forms of chorioiditis. (Medical Record, 4 May, 1907, vol. lxxi., p. 728.)

Some of the rarer lesions of the eye due to chronic lithæmia. (Annals of Ophthalmology, June, 1907, vol., xvi.)

Treatment of progressive atrophy of the optic nerve due to acquired syphilis by subconjunctival and intravaginal injections of sublimate of mercury. (Jour. of the Amer. Medical Assoc., 15 Sept., 1906, vol. xlvii., p. 823.)

Tumors of the uveal tract, continued discussion. (Same, 11 Aug., 1906, vol. xlvii., p. 415.)

The value of the X-rays in the treatment of inoperable malignant disease of the eye and orbit. (Same, 29 Sept., 1906, vol. xlvii.)

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