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During the past nineteen years 1743 graduates of 218 institutions have been admitted to graduate work, distributed as indicated in the following table : Acadia 7 Dartmouth

5 Adelphi College


3 Adelbert.

Alabama Agr. and Mech. Coll. Denver

De Pauw

19 Alfred

3 Duff College (India) Allegheny 3 Earlham..

6 Amherst

6 Ecole Nationale (France) Anatolia

Elmira Arkansas

5 Erlangen (Germany). Armour Inst. of Tech..


3 Baker Univ..

Franklin and Marshall Barnard College

Furman University Bates


Gallaudet.. Beloit

Georgia, Univ. of Bengal Agr. Coll..

General Assembly's Institute Bengal Presidency College. I (India) Berea Coll.

Ghent, State Univ. of Boston.

4 Greenville College. Bowdoin.


3 Brigham Young


9 Brown.

16 Hamline. Bryn Mawr

1 Hannover Tech. Hochschule Buchtel

6 Harvard Bucknell


Harvard Annex California

Harvard (Lawrence Scientific) I Cambridge Univ.


3 Campbell


4 Cape of Good Hope.

Hobart Capitol


16 Carleton

Illinois College Chaddock

Illinois Wesleyan. Cheshire Agr. and Hort. Coll. Imperial Royal Higher Gym. (England). Indiana

48 Chicago, Univ. of 7 Indianapolis

4 Cincinnati

Institute Nat. Agronomique. Clark University 1 | Iowa Agr.

7 Colgate


Iowa College Colorado, l'niv. of 4 Iowa State

9 Colorado State Agr. Coll..

Iowa Wesleyan
Colorado School of Mines.. Japan Imperial Univ.
13 Johns Hopkins

9 Columbia School of Law.

Kansas Agr. Cooch-Behar Coll. (India).

Kansas State Univ.

14 Cornell College


6 Cornell University 773 Lafayette

4 Dalhousie 23 Lake Forest


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I Lehigh

7 Leipsic

I Lombard London. Luther

3 McGill McKendree Maine, Univ. of

7 Manitoba

7 Mason (Birmingham, Eng.) Massachusetts Agr.. Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.. 6 Michigan Agr. Michigan, Univ. of.

32 Middlebury Coll. Milton Minnesota

18 Missouri School of Mines 1 Missouri State Moors Hill College Mt. Allison

5 Mt. Holyoke

4 Mt. Union. Napa

I Nashville Nebraska

16 Newberry New Brunswick, Univ. of. Newcomb.-New Hampshire College. New Hampshire Agr. New York, Coll. of the City of 5 North Carolina

6 North Carolina Agr. Coll. 3 North Dakota, Univ. of Northwestern Univ.

5 Notre Dame Oberlin

9 Ohio State

29 Ohio Univ.

4 Ohio Wesleyan Univ.

4 Ohio Northern Univ. Oklahoma Univ. of. Ontario Agr. Coll. Ordario Agr. Coll. Oregon State Univ. Ottawa Otterbein. Oxford Pacific Univ. (Calif.).


Pacific Univ. (Oregon)
Penn Coll. (Iowa).

2 Pennsylvania Coll for Women I Pennsylvania State

3 Pennsylvania, Univ. of.

3 Pennsylvania, West. Univ. of 2 Pine Hill Theol. Sem... Pomona Coll..

I Presbyterian College of S. C. I Princeton.

8 Purdue

15 Queen's Univ.(Kingston, Can.) 3 Randolph-Macon Rensselaer Poly. Inst. Rochester

9 Rockford Coll. Rose Poly. Inst.

3 Rutgers

5 St. Andrews (Scotland)

I St. Lawrence Univ. St. Petersburg (Russia) Real

Gymnasium Scio Coll. Sibpur Agr. Coll. (India)-- I St. Stephens Coll. Smith

25 South Carolina..

3 South Dakota Agr.

3 Southern California. South Western Univ. (Texas) St. Olaf Stanford

13 Stevens Inst...

7 Susquehanna Univ. Swarthmore.

4 Sydney Univ.(New So.Wales) 2 Syracuse

13 Texas

7 Texas Agr.

4 Tokio Univ. Toronto

24 Trinity Coll. (Toronto) Tulane

I Union

3 U. S. Naval Academy

4 Utah University

I Utah Agr. Coll. Vanderbilt.

I Vassar

18 Vermont.

3 Victoria

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No changes have been made during the year in regard to the University Undergraduate Scholarships. Only 14 of these scholarships instead of 18 were filled at the examination in September, 1906, as the committee did not deem the standard of scholarship sufficiently high to warrant them in awarding the whole number of 18.

At the eighth annual conference of the Association of American Universities held in Cambridge, Mass., November 23rd and 24th, 1906 the following resolutions were adopted :

Resolved, That we recommend to the several Universities composing this Association :

(1) That the election of fellows be held as nearly as possible simultajieously, (say) during the week ending March 24.

(2) That the results of such election be communicated at once to every other University in the Association.

(3) That no person be asked to accept any such appointment before (say) April 1, when there will have been sufficient time for communication among all the Universities concerned.

(4) That acceptance of a fellowship under such circumstances involves an obligation to complete the year of service contemplated in the application for such fellowship, unless good cause can be shown to the contrary.

(5) If a candidate who has accepted an appointment to a fellowship withdraw from his agreement without sufficient cause, it is recommended that the facts in the case be communicated to the other Universities of the Association.

This communication was referred on December 19th, 1906, to the Committee on Graduate Work to consider and report. The Commit. tee has considered the matter but has been unable to come to any conclusion. Under our own rules applications for fellowships and graduate scholarships must be made on or before April 15th, and it would be inconvenient to advance this date by nearly a month. The Committee felt that it would be desirable for the representative of Cornell University at the next conference of the Association of American Universities to learn more fully the object of the Association in recomn

mmending the change in the method of appointment of fellowships and to learn whether the difficulties under the present system are sufficiently great to warrant the proposed change.


The legislation of the Faculty dealing with matters under the supervision of the standing committees will be found in the various sections of this report. I shall call attention here only to such general legislation as has not been referred to above. Much difficulty has been experienced in the past by the desire of students to be transferred from one College to another, generally in view of failure to satisfactorily complete the work of the College from which they desired to be transferred. It has been the policy of the various Colleges in the past not to admit students who have been dropped on account of scholarship from another College until that student has been reinstated in the College from which he was dropped. It often happens, however, that students enter a College of the University who are not qualified to pursue work in that College from taste or preparation and who could successfully complete the work of another College. The matter was discussed by the Committee on University Policy which reported on December 19th, 1906, the following resolution :

“Resolved, That the fact that a first year student has been dropped in one College of the University in June shall not disqualify him for entering another College of the University in the following September, provided the Dean of the latter College is satisfied that the student's failure was due, not to neglect of work, but to a mistaken choice of his College.'

A copy of this resolution was sent to the eight Colleges of the University who subsequently adopted as Colleges the report of the Committee on University Policy.

On November 15th,a communication from the Army War College to the professor of military science and tactics requested suggestions and recommendations in regard to the abandonment of practical military instruction and drill and the substitution therefor of a course of lectures to the senior classes upon the higher policy of the military establishment, the relation of the military to the civil, etc. The professor of military science and tactics, Captain F. A. Barton, submitted this communication from the Army War College to the Committee on University Policy, and on December 19th, 1906, the Dean,on behalf of the Committee on University Policy, reported the adoption by that Committee of the following resolution :

“Ist-Resolved. That the arrangement of work in the department of military science and tactics, meeting strictly as it does the present requirements of the War Department, and already including the course of lectures referred to in its circular letter of November 15th, has the cordial and unanimous support of the Committee on University Policy of Cornell University.”

“2nd-Resolved, That Captain Barton be requested to report this fact to the Army War College with such explanations as he may think best, and to enquire whether the present arrangement cannot be left unchanged.”

On motion it was voted to make the report of the committee the action of this Faculty. In explanation of the above action it may be said that it was felt by the Faculty that it would be most unfortunate to make any change at present in the rules regarding military drill adopted on May 8th, 1905, and contained in the joint report of the Committees on General Order; No. 65, and on Physical Culture (see Dean's Report, University Faculty, 1904-1905, pages xxv and xxvi). The interest in military drill has steadily increased under the rules above referred to, and the encouragement extended to officers of the cadet corps in the shape of remission of tuition and payment for services.

On Janualy 4th, 1907, the following recommendation was forwarded by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees to the University Faculty for action, namely, that “the age qualifying for admission of women to the University be raised from seventeen to eighteen."

This recommendation was referred to the several Colleges concerned for their consideration and report. Communications in regard to this subject were received from the various Colleges of the University. On March 8, 1907, a communication from the College of Arts and Sciences reported the adoption by that College of the following resolution :

"Resolved, That no change be made in the age qualifying women for admission to the University.”

The resolution was accompanied by a statement setting forth the reasons upon which the passage of the resolution was based. It was voted to make the action of the College of Arts and Sciences the action of this Faculty, and it was further ordered that the statement

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