Fungorum; Semmler's Aetherische Öle; Sanmicheli, Fabbriche Civili; Watts' Dictionary of Chemistry. Complete sets of Analecta Hymnica Medii Aevi, Boletin de la Real Academia de la Historia, (Madrid), Comptes rendus des séances de la Société de Biologie, Dekorative Vorbilder, Igl Ischi, Publicationen aus den K. preussischen Staatsarchiven, Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Scottish Notes and Queries, and Vierteljahrschrift der astronomischen Gesellschaft. The following important sets have been completed: Bulletin de l'Académie Royale de Belgique, Kgl. Svenska Vetenskaps Academiens Forhandlinger, Hedwigia, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Répertoire du Théatre français, Stenographische Berichte des Reichstags, Forschungen zur Brandenburgischen und Preussischen Geschichte, State Records of North Carolina, and Pfüger's Archiv für die gesammte Physiologie des Menschen und der Thiere.

Dr. A. C. White, assistant librarian in charge of the classification, reports that, in addition to the regular work of classifying the accessions to the general library, he has classified the Goldwin Smith Hall library of reference books for the College of Arts and Sciences and has made a duplicate shelf-list of these books on cards. He has also classified most of the books accumulated in past years by the College of Agriculture and the Experiment Station. These books together with the current accessions to the library of the New York State College of Agriculture have been incorporated in the shelf-lists of the University Library with the appended distinguishing mark Agr. He has also mounted our Græco-Egyptian papyri between panes of glass and has assigned a regular call number to each item of the collection. He also reports that, while the details of the new classification of American literature are not entirely satisfactory, he believes that it is a distinct advance and hopes to apply a smilar method to English literature beginning with the Shakespeare collection.

From the catalogue department, Miss Dame, the assistant librarian in charge, reports that during the year the number of volumes and pamphlets catalogued for the general catalogue was 13,385. For these 15,816 cards were written and 1,189 printed cards were obtained from the Library of Congress. The McKim collection of letters relating to slavery and the freedmen has been re-arranged and indexed. The work of filing the set of catalogue cards and slips received from the Library of Congress has been brought down to date, forming a complete copy of the printed card catalogue.

From the President White Library, Professor Burr reports a continuance of prosperity. The income of President White's“ Warfare of Science" has remained a considerable resource, and has again been supplemented by many gifts received directly from Mr. White. Besides its purchases of current literature and the completion of several valuable series the library has added notably to the wealth of its other collections. From the sale of the library of the eminent German historian Knaake came rare treasures for that on the Lutheran Reformation. From those of the Duc d' Altemps, the Baroness von Güldenstubbs, and one or two less known collectors came precious things for our shelves of superstition and of persecution and tolerance. But the most numerous and notable accessions have been the finds of Professor Catterall for the collection on the French Revolution. And in all these fields we have added manuscripts as well as printed books.

Mr. Hermannsson, in charge of the Icelandic collection, reports that the classification and the preparation of the shelf-list of the collection have been completed and that the work on the catalogue continues. Besides provision for the maintenance and increase of the Icelandic collection, Mr. Fiske's will contained the following bequest :

"I give and bequeath to the said Cornell University the sum of Five Thousand ($5,000) Dollars, to have and to hold the same forever, in trust, nevertheless, to receive the income thereof, and to use and expend the said income for the purposes of the publication of an annual volume relating to Iceland and the said Icelandic collection in the library of the said University."

In pursuance of this provision there was issued this year the first volume of a series entitled “Islandica; an annual relating to Iceland and the Fiske Icelandic collection in Cornell University Library,” containing a Bibliography of the Icelandic Sagas prepared by Mr. Hermannsson. The revision and the printing of this bibliography have occupied a large share of Mr. Hermannsson's time during the year.

Miss Fowler, who has charge of the Petrarch and Dante collections, reports that the classification, and the shelf-list of the Petrarch collection have been completed, and the shelf numbers added to the cards of the author catalogue, which has also been completed to date. A beginning has been made in the analysis of general periodicals for Petrarch material.

Mr. W. H. Austen, assistant librarian in charge of the reference and loan departments of the general library, reports that the Library has been open 309 days during the year, being closed on Sundays, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, New Year's day, Fourth of July and Labor day. In addition to the number of University officers having access to the stacks, permission to use the stacks has been granted to 52 other readers, for special work. The number of registered users of the Library, as here given, includes only those who have drawn books for home use from the general library: University officers

232 Students...

565 Special borrowers

39 The number of reserved books in the reading rooms and seminary rooms in the Library building is 12,865, the number reserved at the delivery desk for special use is 1,658 and the number in locked presses 1,335. The number of volumes from the general library deposited in various laboratory and department collections in other University buildings is now 16,782. The number of volumes reported missing from these collections during the year 1907-1908 is as follows: From the reading room shelves .

30 From Seminary rooms From department and laboratories

From the figures reported by Mr. Austen and by Miss Van Natten the following table has been compiled, covering the past two years. The use made of the Library, however, is shown only in part by this table, as no record is kept of the use made of the books on the open shelves in the building.




1906-07 Volumes used in reading rooms.

84,154 Volumes sent to Seminary rooms

3,583 Volumes sent to departments


1907-08 73,072 3,095 6,249


Volumes from general library..

19,780 20,388 Volumes from open shelf circulating library


6,627 Volumes loaned to other libraries


194 Total recorded use

120,170 109,625 It should be noted that in the statistics for the year 1906–1907 the figures for the open shelf circulating library are not for the full year, but only for the period from January ist to June 30th, 1907. That the opportunity afforded by this collection of free access to the shelves for choosing books for general reading is appreciated by the students, seems evident from the fact that very nearly onė fourth of all the books taken from the Library for home use were from this small collection of about 3,500 volumes. The number of students who have registered and drawn books from this collection is 806, and the number of readers who used books from this collection in the room without taking them for home use was 5,918.

Mr. W. W. Ellis, curator of the shelves, reports that, in addition to inspecting the new books before they leave the catalogue room for the correction of errors in call-numbers and book-plates, he has made the usual inventories. There are at present missing from their proper places in the stacks 311 volumes, as against 265 last year and 261 the year before; 215 volumes were found on the wrong shelves as compared with 300, 225 and 215 from the three preceding years. Three new cases of large drawers have been provided for the large collection of maps and plans of the University grounds and buildings. In these cases the plans can be much more readily consulted and kept in order. Detailed lists of the large accumulation of unbound duplicates and specimen numbers of periodicals have been prepared in the hope of being able to make use of them in exchanges with other libraries, or otherwise disposing of them.

By vote of the Library Council, at its November meeting, the privilege of drawing books from the general library for home use was extended to all regularly matriculated students of the University, subject to the general regulations of the Library.

In the first term of the year Mr. Austen gave his regular course of lectures on the use of books, which was followed by a course of instruction in practical work during the second term. In the second term the Librarian gave his regular course of lectures on general bibliography. The annual record of publications by the University and its officers has been prepared by Miss Dame and is submitted herewith. The list of donors which accompanies this report has been prepared by Miss Thornburg.

Respectfully submitted,
Geo. Wm. Harris,




Under the Auspices of the University



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