The following new appointments were made during the year 1907-1908: C. A. Martin, Director of the College of Architecture, February 22,

1908. A. Hayes, Jr., Professor of Law, October 26, 1907. J. L. Stone, Professor of Farm Practice, October 26, 1907. J. E. Rice, Professor of Poultry Husbandry, October 26, 1907. M. W. Sampson, Acting Professor of English Literature, Second

Term, December 18, 1907. A. L. Andrews, President's Secretary and University Publisher,

October 2, 1907. B. F. Kingsbury, Secretary of the Ithaca Division of the Medical

College, Second Term, January 14, 1908. A. C. Phelps, Secretary in charge of the College of Architecture,

Second Term, February 4, 1908. C. A. Publow and A. R. Mann, Assistant Professors of Dairy Indus

try, February 22, 1908. E. W. Rettger, A. C. Irwin, W. E. Piper, R. G. Marvin, J. S. Staudt,

L. V. Edwards, D. Moomaw, J. V. Howe, H. E. Chandler, L. A. Lawrence, F. D. Sheffield, P. H. Underwood, J. C. McCurdy, S. B. Lilly, S. L. Chaffee and W. Neilson, Instructors in Civil

Engineering, October 2, 1907. F. H. Dunbar and W. D. Kendrick, Instructors in Experimental

Engineering, October 2, 1907. M. Ventura, Instructor in Romance Languages, October 2, 1907. H. W. Redfield and G. E. F. Lundell, Instructors in Chemistry,

October 2, 1907
W. A. Downes, Instructor in Surgery, October 2, 1907.
E. R. Minns, Assistant Farm Manager and Instructor in Farm

Practice, October 29, 1907.
H. B. Brown, Instructor in Botany, February 4, 1908.
S. Milbank, Instructor in Therapeutics, February 4, 1908.

G. R. McDermott, Jr., Instructor in Power Engineering, February

18, 1908. F. Rose, Lecturer on Home Economics, October 2, 1908. E. F. Rathjen and D. S. Pratt, Assistants in Chemistry, October 2,

1907. A. C. Weed, Assistant in Neurology and Vertebrate Zoology, Octo

ber 2, 1907 J. B. Hill and E. J. Petry, Assistants in Botany, October 2, 1907. L. N. Case and A. G. Hall, Demonstrators of Comparative Veterinary

Anatomy, October 2, 1907. E. D. Dean, Assistant in Histology and Embryology, October 2,

1907. W. H. Shideler and R. D. Schrock, Assistants in Physiology and

Pharmacology, October 2, 1907. E. Taylor, Assistant in Histology, October 2, 1907. J. B. Gore, Assistant in the Pathology and Histology of the Nervous

System, October 2, 1907. J. H. Richards, Assistant in Clinical Pathology, October 2, 1907. F. M. Paul, Demonstrator of Anatomy, October 2, 1907. L. C. Davie, Assistant in Veterinary Anatomy, October 15, 1907. G. W. Tailby, Jr., Stockman and Instructor in Animal Husbandry,

October 15, 1907. W. G. Krum, Superintendent in the Poultry Department, October

15, 1907 C. Nixon, Assistant in Poultry Husbandry, October 15, 1907. H. J. Moore, Gardener in the Horticultural Department, October 15,

1907: J. R. Pawling, Assistant in Physiology and Pharmacology, October

15, 1907, transferred to Department of Histology and Embryol

ogy, February 4, 1908. G. F. Rogalsky, Assistant in Modern European History, October 15,

1907. E. J. Bailey and A. W. Craver, Assistants in English, October 15,

1907 C. D. Cass, Mechanician in the College of Civil Engineering, October

15, 1907 R. Ford, E. E. Bragg and R. P. Anderson, Assistants in Chemistry,

October 29, 1907. B. S. Bell, Assistant in Economics, October 29, 1907. L. Hooper, Assistant in the Wood Shop, October 29, 1907. E. S. Savage, Assistant in Animal Husbandry, October 29, 1907.

M. B. Cummings, Assistant in Horticulture, October 29, 1907.
R. A. Cook, Assistant in Physiology, November 5, 1907.
I. Perrine, Laboratory Assistant in Physical Geography, November

12, 1907, and Assistant in Geology, Second Term, February 4,

1908. T. W. B. Welsh, Assistant in Chemistry, November 26, 1907. C. A. Publow, Assistant in Cheese Making, Winter Course, Novem

ber 26, 1907 B. W. Somers, Assistant in the Poultry Husbandry Department,

November 26, 1907. S. H. Perky, Research Assistant in Rural Economy, December 30,

1907 W. B. White, Assistant in Chemistry, January 14, 1908. W. Wilson, Assistant in Pharmacology, January 14, 1908. L. Knudson, Assistant in Plant Physiology, January 14, 1908. E. H. Nichols, B. J. Lemon and H. N. Frear, Assistants in Chemis

try, February 4, 1908. J. W. Wells, Assistant in Physical Culture, February 4, 1908. W. M. Baldwin, Assistant in Histology and Embryology, February

4, 1908. J. H. Scott, Assistant in Chemistry, February 10, 1908. D. Miller, Assistant in Chemistry, Feburary 18, 1908. W. E. Godfrey and H. P. Gage, Assistants in Physics, March 17,

1908. E. A. Reinoso and A. H. Rahe, Assistants in Pathological Chemistry,

March 17, 1908. H. R. Muller, Assistant in Neurology and Vertebrate Zoology,

April 14, 1908. S. P. Beebe, Assistant in Experimental Pathology, April 14, 1908.

L. A. Bacon, Supervisor of Manual Training, Indianapolis.
W. W. Clendenin, High School Teacher in Geography, New York

L. A. Darling, Assistant Professor of Machine Design.
H. Davidsen, Instructor in German.
T. G. Delbridge, Instructor in Chemistry.
W. J. Fisher, Instructor in Physics.
R. C. Gibbs, Instructor in Physics.
B. N. Howe, Assistant in Machine Shop.
L. S. Hawkins, Assistant in Botany.

J. P. Jensen, Assistant in Zoology.
C. H. Ibershoff, Instructor in German.
G. E. F. Lundell, Instructor in Chemistry.
P. R. Mann, Teacher of Biology.
J. L. Meriam, Professor of Education, University of Missoun,

W. H. Pyle, Assistant in Psychology.
I. Perrine, Instructor in Physical Geography.
B. A. Place, Assistant in Biology.
F. K. Richtmyer, Instructor in Physics.
M. W. Sampson, Professor of English.
R. E. Seamon, Assistant in Wood Shop.
H. A. Sill, Assistant Professor of History.
J. W. Turrentine, Assistant in Chemistry.
P. H. Underwood, Instructor in Civil Engineering.
J. H. Van Sickle, Superintendent of Instruction, Baltimore.
J. E. Vanderhoef, Foreman in Manual Training Department.
0. D. VonEngeln, Instructor in Geography.
C. W. Waggoner, Assistant in Physics.
W. M. Wilson, Instructor in Meteorology.
J. A. Woodburn, Professor of History and Political Science, Indiana

University, Bloomington.

The following appointments were made up to and including July 7th, 1908, to take effect at the beginning of the academic year 1908-1909: V. A. Moore, Director of the New York State Veterinary College,

February 22, 1908. C. H. Hull, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, April 14, 1908. G. E. Woodberry, Acting Professor of English Literature (to the

Christmas recess), February 22, 1908. B. F. Kingsbury, Professor of Histology and Embryology, February

22, 1908. W. A. Hammond, Sage Professor of Ancient Philosophy, February

22, 1908.

R. A. Hatcher, Professor of Pharmacology and Materia Medica,

February 22, 1908. E. L. Phillips, Professor of Military Science and Tactics, March 17,

1908. H. N. Ogden, Professor of Sanitary Engineering, June 18, 1908.

V. Karapetoff, Professor of Experimental Engineering with special

reference to Electrical Engineering, June 18, 1908. D. A. Molitor, Professor of Topographic and Geodetic Engineering,

June 18, 1908. J. E. Trevor, Professor of Thermodynamics, June 18, 1908. S. Simpson, Professor of Physiology, June 18, 1908. D. H. Udall, Acting Professor of the Principles and Practice of

Veterinary Medicine, June 18, 1908. J. Law, Professor of the Principles and Practice of Veterinary Medi

cine, Emeritus, June 18, 1908. S. H. Gage, Professor of Histology and Embryology, Emeritus,

June 18, 1908. J. P. Harris, Secretary of the University and University Publisher,

May, 1908. C. L. Durham, Secretary of the Administrative Board in charge of

Freshmen and Sophomores in the College of Arts and Sciences,

May 12, 1908. S. H. Burnett, Assistant Professor of Comparative Veterinary

Pathology, May 12, 1908. W. M. Sawdon, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering,

May 26, 1908. W. S. Ford, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, May 26,

1908. S. L. Boothroyd, Assistant Professor of Topographic and Geodetic

Engineering, May 26, 1908. E. W. Rettger, S. G. George and C. L. Walker, Assistant Professors

of Applied Mechanics, May 26, 1908. K. B. Turner, Assistant Professor of Hydraulics, May 26, 1908. C. D. Albert, Assistant Professor of Machine Design, May 26, 1908. J. A. Bizzell, Assistant Professor of Soil Investigation in the Federal

Experiment Station, June 2, 1908. P. J. White, Assistant Professor of Farm Crops, June 2, 1908. C. A. Rogers, Assistant Professor of Poultry Husbandry, June 2,

1908. J. C. Johnston, Assistant Professor of Dermatology, June 17, 1908. O. H. Schultze, Assistant Professor of Pathological Anatomy, June

18, 1908.
J. S. Ferguson, Assistant Professor of Histology, June 18, 1908.
W. J. Elser, Assistant Professor of Bacteriology, June 18, 1908.
A. Hunter, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, June 18, 1908.

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