H. H. Whetzel, Professor of Plant Pathology (promoted), June 17,

1909. E. 0. Fippin, Professor of Soil Technology (promoted), June 17,

1909. G. F. Warren, Professor of Farm Management and Farm Crops

(promoted), June 17, 1909. W. A. Stocking, Jr., Professor of Dairy Industry (promoted), June

17, 1909. G. N. Lauman, Professor of Rural Economy (promoted), June 17,

1909. F. S. Meara, Professor of Therapeutics and Clinical Medicine, June

17, 1909. C. N. B. Camac, Professor of Clinical Medicine (promoted), June 17,

1909. W. J. Elser, Professor of Bacteriology (promoted), June 17, 1909. J. A. Hartwell and W. B. Coley, Professors of Clinical Surgery (the

former promoted), June 17, 1909. H. Davidsen, Assistant Professor of German (promoted), February

9, 1909. J. Q. Adams, Jr., Assistant Professor of the English Language and

Literature (promoted), April 1, 1909. C. T. Stagg, Assistant Professor of Law (promoted), April 3, 1909. C. G. L. Wolf, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (promoted), April 3.

1909. C. R. Stockard, Assistant Professor of Embryology and Experi

mental Morphology (promoted), April 3, 1909. S. B. Clark, Assistant Professor of Latin, April 27, 1909. A. Hoch, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Department of

Psycopathology, May 1, 1909. M. Dresbach, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, May 19, 1909. C. P. Emerson, Assistant Professor of Medicine, May 19, 1909. C. R. Crosby, Assistant Professor of Entomological Investigations

(promoted), May 19, 1909. H. H. Love, Assistant Professor of Plant Breeding Investigations

(promoted), May 19, 1909. A. W. Gilbert, Assistant Professor of Plant Breeding, May 19, 1909. D. Reddick, Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology, May 19, 1909. H. E. Ross, Assistant Professor of Dairy Industry, May 19, 1909. H. W. Riley, Assistant Professor of Farm Mechanics, May 19, 1909. J. E. Newcomb, Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery, Department

of Laryngology and Rhinology, June 11, 1909.

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G. W. Herrick, Assistant Professor of Economic Entomology, and

Assistant Entomologist of the Experiment Station, June 17,

1909. S. P. Beebe, Assistant Professor of Experimental Therapeutics,

June 17, 1909. J. R. Murlin, Assistant Professor of Physiology, June 17, 1909. W. Bensel, Lecturer on Hygiene and Municipal Sanitation, May 11,

1909. A. A. Allen and G. C. Embody, Instructors in Neurology and Verte

brate Zoology, March 22, 1909. T. W. Riker, Instructor in Modern European History, April 27, 1909. F. M. Huntoon, Instructor in Bacteriology (promoted), May 11,

1909. J. C. Torrey, Instructor in Experimental Pathology (promoted),

May 11, 1909. R. Weil, Instructor in Experimental Therapeutics, Pharmacology,

and Materia Medica (promoted), May 11, 1909. J. F. Gudernatsch, Instructor in Embryology and Experimental

Morphology, May 11, 1909. R. M. Daley, Clinical Instructor in Medicine, Department of Neurol

ogy (promoted), May 11, 1909. C. M. Campbell, Clinical Instructor in Medicine, Department of

Psycopathology, May 11, 1909. H. Pearson, Instructor in Anæsthesia, May 11, 1909. B. J. Lee, Instructor in Clinical Surgery (promoted), May 11, 1909. V. C. Thorne, Clinical Instructor in Surgery, Department of

Diseases of the Genito-Urinary System (promoted), May 11,

1909. E. Conner, Clinical Instructor in Surgery, Department of Otology

(promoted), May 11, 1909. P. W. Roberts, Clinical Instructor in Surgery, Department of

Orthopedics, May 11, 1909. W. W. Hyde, Instructor in Greek, May 19, 1909. A. LeRoy Andrews, Instructor in German and Scandinavian, May

19, 1909. J. F. Mason, Instructor in the Romance Languages, May 19, 1909. W. B. Catlin, Instructor in Economics, May 19, 1909. W. E. Lagerquist, Instructor in Political Economy and Statistics,

May 19, 1909. L. R. Geissler, Instructor in Psychology (promoted), May 19, 1909. J. V. McKelvey and L. L. Silverman, Instructors in Mathematics,

May 19, 1909. A. S. Galadjikian, Instructor in Physics (promoted), May 19, 1909. E. H. Nichols and T. W. B. Welsh, Instructors in Chemistry (pro

moted), May 19, 1909. J. L. Rich, Instructor in Physical Geography, May 19, 1909. G. R. Thompson, Instructor in Architecture, May 19, 1909. W. J. McKee and R. M. Bowman, Instructors in Civil Engineering,

May 19, 1909. G. D. Gates, G. T. Hider, and F. B. Wetherill, Instructors in Machine

Design (the first named promoted), May 19, 1909. C. K. Carpenter and M. A. Lee, Instructors in Experimental En

gineering, May 19, 1909. W. H. Boynton and E. G. Peterson, Instructors in Veterinary

Bacteriology (the former promoted), May 19, 1909. L. J. Cross, Instructor in Agricultural Chemistry (promoted), May

19, 1909. K. C. Livermore, Instructor in Farm Crops, May 19, 1909. M. Jenkins, Instructor in Dairy Industry (promoted), May 19, 1909. C. Midjo, Instructor in Freehand Drawing in the College of Architec

ture, May 25, 1909. E. Thompson, Instructor in English, May 25, 1909. L. G. Nightingale, Instructor in Experimental Engineering, June

II, 1909. F. T. Burke, Clinical Instructor in Surgery, Department of Laryn

gology and Rhinology (promoted), June 17, 1909. W. R. Cornell and E. H. Taylor, Instructors in Civil Engineering,

June 30, 1909. C. E. Torrance, Instructor in Experimental Engineering, July 21,

1909. D. R. Francis and P. L. Peach, Instructors in Machine Design, July

21, 1909. E. Cooke, Assistant in Experimental Therapeutics, May 11, 1909. A. Ringer, Assistant in Physiology, May 11, 1909. D. W. MacKenzie and J. G. Yocum, Clinical Assistants in Surgery,

Department of Diseases of the Genito-Urinary System, May 11,

1909. H. E. Smith, Assistant in Politics, May 19, 1909. S. W. Moore, Assistant in Political Economy and Finance, May 19,

W. S. Foster, Assistant in Psychology, May 19, 1909.

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A. H. Forman and C. Zeller, Assistants in Physics, May 19, 1909.
C. W. Bennett, G. J. Fink, F. E. Rice, E. F. Hitch, T. R. Briggs,

and G. A. Perley, Assistants in Chemistry, May 19, 1909. J. T. Barrett and H. G. Perry, Assistants in Botany, May 19, 1909. A. C. Chandler, Assistant in Neurology and Vertebrate Zoology,

May 19, 1909. S. W. Allen, Assistant in Geology, May 19, 1909. R. A. Mordoff, Assistant in Physical Geography, May 19, 1909. C. G. Coggeshall and H. G. Hadley, Assistants in Physical Culture,

May 19, 1909. A. C. Durand, Demonstrator of Anatomy, May 19, 1909. H. W. Mayers, Assistant in Physiology and Biochemistry, May 19,

1909. J. G. Pertsch, Jr., Assistant in Electrical Engineering, May 19, 1909. R. R. Bolton, Assistant in Veterinary Bacteriology, May 19, 1909. H. H. Haight, Assistant in Veterinary Bacteriology, and Transla

tor, May 19, 1909. C. E. Hayden, Assistant in Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacol

ogy, May 19, 1909. F. F. Koenig, Assistant in Veterinary Medicine, May 19, 1909. F. S. Harris, Assistant in Soil Technology, May 19, 1909. R. Matheson, Assistant in Entomology, May 19, 1909. A. McAllister, Laboratory Assistant in Plant Pathology, May 19,

1909. A. T. Moir, Assistant in Poultry Husbandry, May 19, 1909. F. A. Wheeler, Assistant in Nature Study, May 19, 1909. V. McCaughey, Assistant in Rural Education, June 1, 1909. H. R. Muller, Assistant in Biochemistry, June 11, 1909. A. Tjomsland, Assistant in Extension Teaching, June 11, 1909. F. S. Jacoby, Assistant in the Department of Poultry Husbandry,

June 11, 1909. C. N. Jensen, Assistant in Plant Pathology, June 17, 1909. C. F. Miller, Assistant in Chemistry, June 17, 1909. C. E. Cook, Assistant in Veterinary Physiology and Pharmacology,

June 30, 1909.
A. 0. Kelly, Assistant in Histology and Embryology, July 21, 1909.
W. K. Miller, Assistant in Modern European History, July 21, 1909.
H. Gallagher, Assistant in Foundry, July 21, 1909.
R. C. Edlund, President's Secretary and University Publisher,

May 19, 1909.
Mrs. G. S. Martin, Adviser of Women, June 1, 1909.

J. S. Ferguson, Secretary of the Faculty of the Medical College in

New York City, June 11, 1909. L. Leland, Assistant in Order and Periodical Department of Library,

June 1, 1909. T. J. Hearn, D. B. Wyckoff, and C. F. Morey, Assistant Law Libra

rians, June 17, 1909.



To the President of the University:

Sir:- I have the honor to submit my seventh and last annual report as Dean of the University Faculty. The subject matter is arranged with reference to the work of the committees of which the Dean is ex-officio chairman, and with reference to such functions as have been especially assigned to him by the Faculty.

During the past year the University was called upon to mourn the death of Mark Vernon Slingerland, Assistant Professor of Economic Entomology in the College of Agriculture and a member of the University Faculty. The following resolutions of respect and condolence were spread upon the minutes of the Faculty and communicated to the family:

“On Wednesday, March 11, 1909, death removed from among us our respected friend and valued colleague, Mark Vernon Slingerland. His death is a serious loss to the world of natural science in which he was a conscientious and honored student, as well as to the Faculty of this University where his opinion and voice were respected, and a deep source of grief to a wide circle of friends in University and town.

He came to this community as a student in 1888, was graduated in 1892, and entered the instructing staff of this University in the same year.

His progress thereafter was rapid, but also substantial. As a student, his career was marked by earnestness, courage, and industry. As a teacher, he was direct and forceful. As an investigator, he was conscientious, unbiased, persevering, and accurate. In his special field of economic entomology his authority and leadership received unquestioned recognition. As a student of the life history and means of controlling insects which prey upon domestic animals and cultivated plants, his investigations embraced an exceptionally


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