The Angora Goat: Its Origin, Culture and Products

Press of A.A. Kingman, 1868 - 38 ˹
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˹ 11 - Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair; thou hast doves' eyes within thy locks: thy hair is as a flock of goats, that appear from mount Gilead.
˹ 11 - The beautiful comparison in the Song of Solomon which might seem to suggest the existence of a choice race of these animals, "Thy hair is as a flock of goats that appear from Mount Gilead" taken in connection with the verse following, ''Thy teeth are like a flock of sheep that are shorn, which come up from the washing...
˹ 30 - The looms employed were reduced from 1,200 to not more than 50; and the town, although having at its command the raw material for a most important and characteristic manufacture, offers in its sad decline another monument of the desolating influence of that system which would make the raw material of every country tributary to the one great workshop of the world. RESULTS OF EXPERIMENTS IN ACCLIMATION IN EUROPE AND THE UNITED STATES. The attention of philanthropic agriculturists in Europe was drawn...
˹ 23 - ... by the barbarians from Central Asia. I transcribe his language : "They breed the finest goats in the world in the champaign of Angora. They are of a dazzling white, and their hair, which is fine as silk, naturally curled in locks of eight or nine inches long, is worked up into the finest stuffs, especially camlet. But they do not suffer these fleeces to be exported from this place because the people of the country gain their livelihood thereby However it be these fine goats are to be seen...
˹ 8 - The figures and description of the skull and other bones of this species by Ur. Richardson, show very clearly that the afiinitics are much more with the antelopes than with the goats or sheep. In fact, none of the more modern systematic writers place it in the genus Capra, or, indeed, in the ovine group. The mere general resemblance, externally, to a goat is a matter of little consequence; indeed, its body is much more like that of a merino sheep The soft, silvery, under hairs are very different...
˹ 24 - This country is more or less mountainous and furrowed by deep valleys, its mean altitude being estimated at 1,200 metres ; while the more elevated masses are generally shaded with fine forests, the plateaus, which form a large part of the country, are very little wooded. The absence of trees, bushes, and arborescent plants gives the country the aspect of immense steppes. This nudity permits the first heats of the spring to dry up the little humidity which the earth 'A Voyage into the Levant.
˹ 31 - In 1855, it was in possession of a flock of ninety-two head. This flock was subdivided and placed in different districts in France. But the success was far from encouraging. Many died, and those which survived gave fleeces which were far from satisfactory. In 1858, all the separate flocks were reunited and placed at Souliard in the mountainous and trachytic district of the Cantal.
˹ 19 - Angoras, if they could be procured, which would soon be impossible, from domestic sources, if the system of crossing should be persisted in, would be of little avail. In the Asiatic goat we have a perfect standard, as in the Arabian horse. Mr. Youatt says of the English races of the horse descended from the Godolphin Arabian, or the Darley Arabian and the blood mares of Charles I., "where one drop of common blood has mingled with the pure stream, it has been immediately detected in the inferiority...
˹ 16 - almost all the progeny exhibit the strongest tendencies to the higher and nobler grades by assimilating themselves to the male and putting on the white livery of the more respectable, honored, and valued race.
˹ 6 - Distance* between their terminal points 1 9 9 Width of horns at their roots 2 1 Length of tail, including the hair 9 9 Height of anterior part of the body 2 2 4 Height of posterior part of the body 2 2 2 The point of inquiry most strictly pertinent to the objects of this Society and one at the same time eminently practical, as indicating the laws which govern the reproduction of this animal, thus illustrating the relations of pure science with utilitarian ends, is the determination of the specific...