Handbook of Research for Educational Communications and Technology: A Project of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology

David H. Jonassen
L. Erlbaum Associates, 2001 - 1267 ˹
The Handbook is the first explication of the breadth of the issues, theories, and methods that define the field of education, educational communications and technology. It describes the theoretical and intellectual foundations of the methods and models that researchers and designers use to develop and criticize the research and products of this field. It summarizes and criticizes the enormous base of research studies on hard technologies, explicates the theories, models, and strategies used to design instruction, and concludes with descriptions of the methodologies used to examine issues in the field. The goal is to provide direction for future researchers to pursue when examining issues in the field, as well as lessons for practitioners on how to design instruction and learning environments.

Features of the Handbook:

* With Summaries and critiques of the myriad research studies, including a review of the theories, models, and strategies used, the Handbook concludes with descriptions of the methodologies used to investigate the field.

* In 42 chapters, leading authorities in the field of educational communications and technology describe the state of the art while providing direction for its future.

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