The Institutionalized Sex Taboo

Clark University, 1920 - 1 ˹

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˹ 207 - LL.D., and others. American Reprint of the Edinburgh Edition. Buffalo, 1889. 17. Hatch, Edwin. Influence of Greek Ideas and Usages upon the Christian Church. Ed. by AM Fairbairn. 4th ed. London, 1892.
˹ 221 - Then swelling sorrows burst their former bounds, With echoing grief afresh the dome resounds ; Till Pallas, piteous of her plaintive cries, In slumber closed her silver-streaming eyes.
˹ 200 - And do you not know that you are each an Eve? The sentence of God on this sex of yours lives in this age: the guilt must of necessity live too. You are the devil's gateway: you are the unsealer of that forbidden tree: you are the first deserter of the divine law: you are she who persuaded him whom the devil was not valiant enough to attack. You destroyed so easily God's image, man.
˹ 192 - It is a prevalent opinion that woman owes her present high position to Christianity. I used to believe in this opinion. But in the first three centuries I have not been able to see that Christianity had any favorable effect on the position of women, but, on the contrary, that it tended to lower their character and contract the range of their activity.
˹ 142 - The more frequently this action is repeated, the more firmly it will become established, and the less will be the conscious equivalent accompanying the action ; so that customary actions which are of very frequent repetition become entirely unconscious. Hand in hand with this decrease of consciousness goes an increase in the emotional value of the omission of such activities, and still more of the performance of actions contrary to custom. A greater will power is required to inhibit an action which...
˹ 162 - An Eskimo thinks it an indignity to row in an umiak, the large boat used by women. The different offices of husband and wife are also very clearly distinguished ; for example, when he has brought his booty to land, it would be a stigma on his character if he so much as drew a seal ashore, and, generally, it is regarded as scandalous for a man to interfere with what is the work of...
˹ 150 - An Australian black-fellow, who discovered that his wife had lain on his blanket at her menstrual period, killed her and died of terror himself within a fortnight. Hence Australian women at these times are forbidden under pain of death to touch anything that men use, or even to walk on a path that any man frequents.
˹ 195 - ... the folklore of Europe. Lilith tempted to debauchery, and was variously known as child-strangler, child-stealer, and a witch who changed true offspring for fairy or phantom children.* The figure of the childstealing witch occurs in an extremely ancient apocryphal book called the Testament of Soloman, and dates probably from the first or second century of the Christian Era. (25.) Laws against the malefici (witches) were passed by Constantine. In the Theodosian Code (Lib. 9. Tit. 16. Leg. 3.) they...
˹ 149 - ... upon the menstruous woman. According to Pliny, the Romans held that nothing had such marvellous efficacy as, or more deadly qualities than, the menstrual flow. The Arabs thought that a great variety of natural powers attached themselves to a woman during the menstrual period. (12 : p. 448). Rabbinic laws demand that " a woman during all the days of her separation shall be as if under a ban." The epithet Niddah, applied to a woman at that time, means
˹ 157 - girls are from the early age of eight or nine years prohibited by custom from joining in the most innocent amusements with children of the opposite sex. When sitting in their tents, or even when travelling, they are watched and guarded with such an unremitting attention as cannot be exceeded by the most rigid discipline of an English...