An Introduction to Electrodynamics

Oxford University Press, 2019 - 608 ˹
An Introduction to Electrodynamics provides an excellent foundation for those undertaking a course on electrodynamics, providing an in-depth yet accessible treatment of topics covered in most undergraduate courses, but goes one step further to introduce advanced topics in applied physics, such
as fusions plasmas, stellar magnetism and planetary dynamos.

Some of the central ideas behind electromagnetic waves, such as three-dimensional wave propagation and retarded potentials, are first explored in the introductory background chapters and explained in the much simpler context of acoustic waves. The inclusion of two chapters on magnetohydrodynamics
provides the opportunity to illustrate the basic theory of electromagnetism with a wide variety of physical applications of current interest. Davidson places great emphasis on the pedagogical development of ideas throughout the text, and includes many detailed illustrations and well-chosen exercises
to complement the material and encourage student development.

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ǡѺ (2019)

Peter Davidson, Professor of fluid mechanics, University of Cambridge

Peter Davidson is currently Professor of Fluid Mechanics at the University of Cambridge. He has worked as a research engineer in industry in both the UK and USA and was awarded the Institute of Materials prize in 1996 for best paper in non-ferrous metallurgy. He has authored over 100 publications in
the fields of magnetohydrodynamics and turbulence.