Annual Report of the State Food Commissioner of Illinois

State Printers., 1901
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˹ 104 - In the case of mixtures or compounds which may be now or from, time to time hereafter known as articles of food...
˹ 102 - ... open any cask, tub, jar, bottle or package containing, or supposed to contain, any article of food or drink and examine or cause to be examined the contents thereof, and take therefrom samples for analysis.
˹ 95 - ... be punished by a fine of not less than one hundred ($100) dollars nor more than five hundred ($500...
˹ 118 - Pharmacopoeia, but which is found in some other pharmacopoeia or other standard work on materia medica, it differs materially from the standard of strength, quality, or purity laid down in such work. (3) If its strength, quality, or purity falls below the professed standard under which it is sold.
˹ 98 - Any person or persons convicted of violating any of the provisions of any of the foregoing sections of this act, shall for the first offense be fined not less than ten dollars ($10), nor more than fifty dollars ($50). For the second offense they shall be fined not less than twenty-five dollars ($25), nor more than one hundred dollars ($100), or confined in the county jail not more than thirty days.
˹ 118 - If, when sold under or by a name not recognized in the United States Pharmacopoeia...
˹ 104 - If it is colored, coated, polished, or powdered, whereby damage or inferiority is concealed, or if by any means it is made to appear better or of greater value than it really is.
˹ 102 - ... but if the person from whom such sample is taken shall request him to do so he shall at the same time, and in the presence of the person from whom such property is taken securely...
˹ 2 - ... made or offered for sale within this state which he may suspect or have reason to believe to be impure, unhealthful, adulterated, or counterfeit, and to prosecute, or cause to be prosecuted, any person or persons, firm or firms, corporation or corporations, engaged in the manufacture or sale of any adulterated or counterfeit article or articles of food or drink or drug, contrary to the laws of this state.
˹ 100 - ... nor keep for sale, nor offer for sale any imitation butter, made or manufactured, compounded or produced in violation of this section, whether such imitation butter shall be made or produced in this State or elsewhere.