Catalogue of the Library: Division 1- Health


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˹ 66 - PRINCIPLES of EDUCATION Drawn from Nature and Revelation, and applied to Female Education in the Upper Classes. By the Author of
˹ 126 - COMMERCIAL HANDBOOK of CHEMICAL ANALYSIS ; or Practical Instructions for the determination of the Intrinsic or Commercial Value of Substances used in Manufactures, in Trades, and in the Arts. By A. NORMANDY, Author of "Practical Introduction to Rose's Chemistry," and Editor of Rose's "Treatise on Chemical Analysis.
˹ 20 - What to Do. Crown 8vo, is. 6d. Helps to Health. The Habitation The Nursery The Schoolroom and The Person.
˹ 67 - General aims of the Teacher, and Form Management. Two Lectures delivered in the University of Cambridge in the Lent Term, 1883, by FW FARRAR, DD and RB POOLE, BD Price is.
˹ 27 - Infant Feeding and its Influence on Life ; or, the Causes and Prevention of Infant Mortality. By CHF ROUTH, MD, Senior Physician to the Samaritan Hospital. Third Edition. Fcap. 8vo, 7s. 6d. A Practical Manual of the Diseases of Children.
˹ 59 - A Manual for Hospital Nurses And others engaged in Attending on the Sick. By EDWARD J. DOMVILLE, Surgeon to the Exeter Lying-in Charity. Fourth Edition. Crown 8vo, 2s. 6d. A Manual of Nursing, Medical and Surgical. By CHARLES J.
˹ 101 - Timber. A Comprehensive Study of Wood in all its Aspects, Commercial and Botanical. Showing the Different Applications and Uses of Timber in Various Trades, etc.
˹ 107 - A Treatise on the Origin, Progress, Prevention, and Cure of Dry Rot in Timber; with Remarks on the Means of Preserving Wood from Destruction by Sea- Worms, Beetles, Ants, etc. By THOMAS ALLEN BRITTON, late Surveyor to the Metropolitan Board of Works, etc., etc. With 10 plates, crown 8vo, cloth, is.
˹ 106 - A Treatise containing Plain and Concise Directions for the Manipulation of Wood and Metals ; including Casting, Forging, Brazing, Soldering, and Carpentry. By the Author of
˹ 22 - A MEDICAL HANDBOOK ; comprehending such Information on Medical and Sanitary Subjects as is desirable in Educated Persons. Second Thousand. Foolscap 8vo.